Christmas Tree Decorating at Orthopaedic Specialists in Louisville Kentucky

Christmas Tree Decorating at Orthopaedic Specialists

Red & Gold Christmas Tree

Dr Stacie Grossfeld at Orthopaedic SpecialistsDr. Stacie Grossfeld
, board certified Orthopedic Surgeon and Sports Medicine Physician, enjoys some holiday Christmas tree decorating with her team at Orthopaedic Specialists. She chose a red and gold theme for her Christmas tree decorating. In order to find the decorations, Dr. Grossfeld went to Joanne’s Fabrics and Michael’s and looked for pretty decorations that fit the tree.

Favorite holiday tradition: “Along with spending time with my family and friends, I love putting up the trees at my own home. We have four full-sized Christmas trees fully decorated.”




Blue, Silver & White Christmas Tree

Christmas Tree decorating at Louisville Orthopedic OfficeAngel McDowell works in the insurance and billing department at Orthopaedic Specialists. She chose a silver and blue theme for her Christmas tree decorations. Talking about how she chose her decorations, Angel explains: “Me and my son Abram (age 13) were shopping and he helped me pick out the colors for my tree, which was nice.”

Talking about her Christmas tree decorating at home, Angel explains that it is much more colorful with all the ornaments she’s collected with her family over the years.

Favorite holiday tradition: “I love it when everyone comes to my house for the holidays and I get to spend time with my family. It is really special when my daughter comes home from college.”


 Star Wars Theme Christmas Tree

Louisville sports medicine and orthopaedic practiceAngel Porter is a physician assistant at Orthopedic Specialist PLLC in Louisville, Kentucky. She chose a Star Wars theme for her Christmas Tree decorating. Talking about how she found the decorations, Angel explains: “I raided my boys’ (James, 11 and Noah, 9) rooms and used their legos for the trees. I also found the ribbon at home. The hardest part of making the tree was tying the ribbon at the top. Figuring that out took a while!”
When she brings the tree home, Angel said that she’ll give it to her son Noah for his bedroom.
Favorite holiday tradition: “We love to kick off the holiday season with a visit to the Mega Cavern to see all the lights!”


Dr. Seuss Themed Christmas Tree

Dr Seuss Themed Christmas Tree Ashley is an X-Ray Tech and Medical Assistant at Orthopaedic Specialists. She chose a Dr. Seuss Theme for her Christmas tree. Ashley enjoys searching Pinterest for good tree decorating ideas and that’s how she settled on the Dr. Seuss theme. After Christmas, she’ll enjoy taking the tree home to her 3 children, ages 5, 8 and 9.

Talking about her tree at home, Ashley explains that she uses different types of decorations that include owls and squirrels.

Favorite holiday tradition: “Putting up our Christmas tree at home. We do this the day after Thanksgiving!”

Favorite holiday food: “We love chicken and dumplings.”


My Old Kentucky Home Christmas Tree with Handmade Decorations

Handmade ornaments on Holiday Tree Dorothy Cochran runs the Medical Records Department at Orthopaedic Specialists, and she also serves as the Work Comp Coordinator and Appointment Scheduler. When she started figuring out how to decorate her Christmas tree, she went to Hobby Lobby.

Dorothy explains, “I always find a lot of inspiration at Hobby Lobby. While shopping around, I saw some scrapbooking stickers and realized I could turn those into ornaments. And at the base, I used a real horse shoe. My brother works as a farrier in New York and I was able to get it from him.” Dorothy also used twine, burlap and red silk roses to decorate her tree.

Favorite holiday tradition: “My favorite is our Christmas Eve tradition when we have pizza under the tree. We make homemade pizza and buy root beer in the bottle and eat the treats that our neighbors and friends bring to us.”

Favorite holiday food: Pumpkin pie, hands down!

Favorite holiday song: All I want for Christmas is you – by Mariah Carey


Country Classic Christmas Tree Decorations

Heather Hardiman is a Medical Receptionist at Orthopaedic Specialists in Louisville Kentucky. She decorated her Christmas tree according to the style that she likes in her home. She used stars, berries, snowmen and woodsy ornaments.

Favorite holiday tradition: “My favorite holiday tradition is having my family come together in one location and making good memories.”

Favorite holiday food: “I love cabbage casserole.”

Favorite holiday song: “Oh Holy Night”



Silver, White & Blue Tree with Big Topper

Louisville orthopedic practice decorates trees for Christmas.

Lindsay Rhodus has been working at Orthopaedic Specialists for more than 8 years. She chose a special silver topper with berries and sparkle to go on her Christmas tree.

In terms of tree decorating, she explains, “I was thrifty and used materials that I already had. I did all the decorating on my own with a silver, white and blue theme.”

Favorite holiday tradition: “I love Christmas eve at my home with my husband and two boys Zach age 10 and Brennan age 14. As part of our family tradition, we all get into our new pajamas and open one gift.”



Exciting Things Happening at YMCA Norton Commons

YMCA Norton Commons A Popular Fitness Spot

YMCA Norton Commons Swimming Pool for families

YMCA Norton Commons Swimming Pool. Photo Credit: YMCA.

This December, it’s predicted that the Norton Commons YMCA, located at 11000 Brownsboro Rd, Prospect, KY 40059, will have 500,000 member check-ins for the calendar year. This equates to 1.52 visits every minute. With 11,000 total members, representing 4,000 households, that’s A LOT of people using the YMCA Norton Commons. And this is up from 461,837 visitor check-ins during 2015.

Like other area-YMCAs, the facility offers a wide variety of activities including swim lessons and group fitness classes, plenty of exercise equipment, an indoor track and kids camps. But unlike many other YMCA branches, the YMCA Norton Commons has also forged an interesting partnership with the Jefferson County Public School system. This is one of very few YMCAs in the country that offers this type of partnership.

YMCA Norton Commons Partners with Jefferson County Public Schools

While the partnership between the YMCA Norton Commons and JCPS is quite extensive, one of the most unique projects probably involves the shared gymnasium.

Norton Commons Elementary

Norton Commons Elementary – Photo Credit: Jefferson County Public Schools.

Norton Commons Elementary School and the YMCA Norton Commons split the expense of a gymnasium and created a facility that connects to both of the organizations.

The shared gym has more amenities than either organization would have been able to offer independently. This includes a stage and retractable bleachers with motion-sensor lighting.

The close proximity between the two organizations, including the shared gymnasium, has facilitated many more opportunities to impact health and (more…)

Dr. Grossfeld Attends YMCA Mayor’s Community Thanksgiving Breakfast

grossfeld at ymca of greater louisville eventOn the 22nd of November, YMCA of Greater Louisville Chairman, Brad Smith, and Mayor Greg Fisher held a community Thanksgiving breakfast. Dr. Grossfeld attended the event at the Galt House Hotel to learn more about the growth of the Louisville community. The event included a delicious buffet and a performance by America’s Got Talent finalists – Linkin’ Bridge.

At The Event

At the event, John Yarmuth gave a brief speech with a message that hits close to home this day and age. Yarmuth spoke of humanity needing “harmony across the nation” and how community development is one way to achieve peace. Mayor Greg Fisher also spoke at the breakfast event and went over the past year of development in Louisville. The numbers related to growth in jobs, businesses, and educational gains were all high.

In the last year Louisville has supplied 5,500 new jobs and opened 2,500 new businesses, as per Mayor Fisher. Additionally, 10,000 people have entered the middle class and 44.7% of citizens have a 2-4 year college degree.

While at the event, Dr. Grossfeld learned more about the YMCA of Greater Louisville and the core values they hold. The values aligned quite closely to the same values Dr. Grossfeld carries into her office – Orthopaedic Specialists. With values focusing on health, education, connecting people, accessibility, and well-rounded character and ethics, Orthopaedic Specialists gives top of the line care and commitment to patients.

The YMCA of Greater Louisvilleymca of greater louisville sign

The Y, in turn, provides the same commitment and care to the community in which it’s based. The YMCA of Greater Louisville has been open since 1853 and was the 10th YMCA to be founded in the United States of America. They assist with youth development by providing the largest before- and after-school care program in the state and have brought many other great causes to Louisville. Social responsibility also plays a large role in the mission of the Y. This is evident around all of Louisville through the Safe Place locations founded over 30 years ago. Finally, they strive to improve the health of children and adults in Louisville through their healthy living initiative.

Interested in learning more about the YMCA of Greater Louisville? Visit their website. If you are in need of child care services, Youth Development at the Y is a good place to start. If social responsibility interests you and you want to volunteer the Safe Places Services is always in need of assistance. Additionally, if you are in a crisis and need a safe place to stay, find your local Safe Place. Finally, if improving your health is high priority for the New Year, contact Dr. Grossfeld at Orthopaedic Specialists to start your journey.


Total Hip and Knee Arthroplasty in Patients Older Than 80 Years

We are grower older as a nation at a rapid rate. In fact, the fastest growing age group in the US includes people 65 years old and older. Between 2000 to 2010 the growth rate for this segment of the population was 15.1% while the rest of the population grew at a rate of 9.7%.

Among those age 65 and older, the subgroup that had the most rapid rate of growth includes those ages 85 to 94 years. This group grew from 3.9 million to 5.1 million (30%) between 2000 and 2010.

And growth rates for those 95 years old and older were also impressive.

From an orthopedic preceptive this means that there will likely be a hiphigher incidence of orthopedic conditions associated with age including osteoporosis and osteoarthritis.

It is predicted that demand for total knee replacements will increase 673% by the year 2030 and total hip replacement demand will increase 174%. It is also predicted at there will be an increase in the number of patients that undergo joint replacement surgery who are over the age of 80.

Perhaps not surprisingly, as we age, the risk and complication rate at the time of surgery tends to increase.

Authors Lee Rubin, M.D. et al. in the October 2016 American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeon Journal reported on total hip and knee arthroplasty in patients over a 80 years old.

Three major studies combined data comparing two large age groups and their respective post operative complication rates: over age 80 and under age 80. The researchers found that the mortality rate under age 80 was 0.3 – .08% compared to 3.2-17.1 percent for patients over age 80. (more…)

Sports Injury FAQs

Sport Injury FAQsSports injuries, such as concussions and injured Anterior Cruciate Ligaments (ACLs), are common occurrences across a wide variety of sports. While both injuries are well known, Sport Injury FAQs are helpful in learning about cause, prevention, and treatment among athletes.

One very common topic of sport injury FAQs are concussions. They are very common injuries in sports and are also difficult to diagnose. A concussion is a traumatic brain injury that affects the way the brain functions. While the effects are temporary, concussions do have the potential to leave long term, lasting effects on the brain. Most people associate concussions with head injuries. Few know that concussions can also be caused by being violently shaken or impacted which occurs often in contact sports. Follow along for important sport injury FAQs from Louisville sports medicine physician Dr. Stacie Grossfeld.

Sport Injury FAQs

What is the average return to playtime in the NBA in reference to a concussion?

Dr. Padaki, et al, published in the September 2016 issues of the American Journal of Sports Medicine that the number of concussions involving NBA players from the beginning of 2006 to the end of the 2014 season has not changed; however, what has changed is that the time a player sits out of games after getting a concussion has increased.

While players often returned within the same game in the 2006 season, NBA players are now missing games. Players sit out an average of five games after getting a concussion.

While concussions are common sports injuries that need to be taken seriously, they are also quite easy to recover from when not extremely detrimental and diagnosed early. An ACL injury, on the other hand, is a serious muscle injury that comes with a long recovery time regardless of if your injury is nonsurgical or surgical. Part of that recovery time includes heavy physical therapy which plays an important role in regaining strength in the muscles and getting back into your normal routine. Injured ACLs are another hot topic in Sport Injury FAQs because the ACL is not as commonly discussed as concussions are and people have many more questions about them.

Does age influence the risk of knee osteoarthritis after traumatic ACL injury?

Studies have shown that the risk of osteoarthritis after sustaining an ACL injury can increase by up to 85%. The question authors answered in a 2016 article published in the American Journal of Sports
Medicine was “does age specifically influence the risk of osteoarthritis occurring after an ACL injury?”

Dr. Victoria Jonson, et al, reported on a group of patients who had undergone primary ACL reconstruction over a 15-year period. She found that the age of the athlete in which the injury occurred did not influence the rate of incidents.

What they did find is that the middle aged athletes were likely to encounter osteoarthritis in the endpoint soon. That could also be explained by the fact that osteoarthritis can be part of the natural aging process.

What is the hormone, Relaxin, and does it have any effect on an ACL injury?

There was an excellent article written in the September 2016 Journal of American Sports Medicine. Jacqueline Konopka, BS, at Stanford Medical Center looked at the hormone, Relaxin, and its effects on female ACL ligament cells.

It is a fact that female athletes sustain ACL injuries 2 to 8 times more often than male athletes. Specific gender related factors like: anatomy, biomechanics, and hormones may contribute to the disparity in tear rates between the genders. The author specifically wanted to investigate if the female hormone, Relaxin, could affect ACL cells.

The Study

This was a laboratory study in which ACL cells were primed with estrogen and treated with Relaxin. The authors wanted to find out if potentially blocking the hormone could affect ligament strength. There are some completed studies that reveal that a lead female athlete with an ACL tear had higher levels of Relaxin concentrations circulating through their bodies in comparison to a female athlete without any injury. Additional studies have shown that animals treated with Relaxin had significantly weaker ACLS as measured by load to failure testing in comparison to controls.

During the study, it was also considered that men do have significant serum levels of the hormone Relaxin. It is possible that chronic Relaxin exposure among women decreases the integrity of the female ACL which in turn contributes to the gender disparity in the ACL injury prevalence.


Background information as to the structure of the ACL includes that it is primarily composed of Type I, Type II, and Type III Collagen.  Type I Collagen is the most abundant matrix component and is responsible for the majority of the ACL’s tensile strength. Type II Collagen is found at fibrocartilaginous areas of the ACL that undergo high levels of sheer force. The main type of collagen is Type III which is synthesized during the early stages of ACL healing.  Degradation of these important ACL matrix components could possibly lead to a higher risk of ACL injury.

Research Process

It is known that Relaxin promotes connective tissue degradation by decreasing levels of collagen and alpha smooth muscle actin as well as decreasing transforming growth factor beta activity by inhibiting certain enzymatic pathways.  Because of this, it has been theorized that chronic exposure to Relaxin does predispose the female athlete to an increased risk of ACL injury.  What the researchers found is that the hormone Relaxin did not bind to male ACL tissue, but did bind to female ACL tissue suggesting a differential gender dependence response to Relaxin.

They also found that female ACL cells that had been exposed to oral contraceptive did not have similar regulation or experience the binding effect of Relaxin, so the authors concluded there may be a protective effect to ACL injuries if a female athlete is taking an oral contraceptive. There are some clinical studies that have suggested this as well.


The result of the laboratory study was that chronic Relaxin exposure could biomechanically compromise the integrity of the female ACL by decreasing collagen level production.

Some clinical studies in the past have revealed that female athletes with serum Relaxin levels greater than 6.0 pg/mL were found to have over four times increased risk of ACL injury that females with lower levels of the hormone in their bodies.

The researchers felt that the goal would be to enroll the women at higher risk for ligamentous injury into  a prophylactic injury prevention program to decrease the gender disparity in the female athlete spectrum.

These Sport Injury FAQs are much more detailed questions and elaborate answers due becuse Dr. Stacie Grossfeld wrote them. Dr. Grossfeld is a Louisville, KY orthopaedic surgeon and sports medicine specialist. In addition to her practice as an orthopaedic surgeon, Dr. Stacie Grossfeld is an Assistant Clinical Professor at UofL in the Department of Family Medicine. She also assists at the Department of Internal Medicine and Pediatrics. She is a member of Baptist Sports Medicine and enjoys serving as the Team Doctor for South Oldham High School. In addition, Dr. Grossfeld is the Team Doctor for Assumption High School in Louisville, KY.

Tommy John Surgery For Major League Baseball Pitchers

Predictors of the Tommy John Surgery / Ulnar Collateral Ligament Reconstruction in Major League Baseball Pitchers

Can we predict who will need Tommy John Surgery?

This is a hot topic right now in field of orthopedic surgery.  We have seen great rise in the incidents of ulnar collateral ligament injuries resulting in baseball players needing Tommy John surgery.

There was an excellent article written by Dr. David Whiteside, et al, in the September, 2016 American Journal of Sports Medicine that specifically looked at risk factors that can predict major league baseball pitchers that would need a Tommy John surgery.

baseball-playerResearchers highlighted background data noting that there is concern right now and actually discussion that the ulnar collateral ligament injury is almost an epidemic affecting pitchers at all levels of baseball from recreational high school players to the pro pitchers.  The ulnar collateral ligament reconstruction surgery has been reported to impose an average of 17 to 21 months away from the MLB competition and possibly diminish their performance.  If there is a way to curtail the current trend and protect the integrity of the elbow joint in pitchers, that would be the best form of treatment would be prevention.

There has been some effort made to help reduce the risk of ulnar collateral ligament injury such as limiting the amount of pitches per game.  Currently in the MLB, there is a maximum of 100 pitches per game.

Major Risk Factors For Tommy John Surgery / Ulnar Collateral Ligament Repair

The particular study detailed above identified the risk factors for professional baseball pitchers sustaining an ulnar collateral ligament injury resulting in a Tommy John procedure.  The researchers found six risk factors that led to increased incidents of Tommy John surgery.

  1. Fewer days between games.
  2. Fewer pitch types employed.
  3. More pitches per game.
  4. Greater pitch speed.
  5. A less pronounced horizontal release location.
  6. A smaller stature of the player.

The authors noted that the current findings supported the theory that recovery periods after MLB pitching are critical for reducing injury, a point previously specified at the youth level.  This also endorsed the rationale for multi-pitcher rotations in MLB.  They also found that if an extra day between games reduces the UCL injury, the value of a six man pitching rotation as opposed to the conventional five, and/or larger bullpens is obvious.

Another interesting and statistically significant finding that the researchers reported was that a pitcher’s odds of undergoing a Tommy John procedure decreased by 33% for each unique pitch type that he possessed in his repertoire. This means that pitchers that throw different types of balls/pitches would have a lower incidence of injury to their ulnar collateral ligament.  They did note that one of risk factors was speed which obviously is not going to be changed among the pitchers, that would be considered a non-modifiable risk factor. (more…)

10 Symptoms of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

carpal tunnel syndromeCarpal tunnel syndrome is a common condition that causes numbness, tingling, weakness, and other discomforts in your hands and fingers. A pinched median nerve in your wrist causes these discomforts. The median nerve, along with other related tendons, travels from your forearm to your hand inside a small space called the carpal tunnel. This nerve supplies feeling and movement to your thumb as well as your first three fingers. When the median nerve is under pressure or becomes pinched, it is called carpal tunnel syndrome.

Carpel tunnel syndrome is the most common type of entrapment neuropathy and is sometimes confused with other illnesses such as hypothyroidism, rheumatoid arthritis, and diabetes. Repetitive movements, such as typing, texting, using a computer mouse, and oddly enough, even pregnancy, can cause some common carpal tunnel symptoms. These include things like swelling, tingling, and numbness in the thumb, index finger, middle finger, and half of the ring finger. If you are experiencing these symptoms in your little (or pinky) finger then this is a good indicator that your symptoms are not related to carpal tunnel syndrome.

Carpal tunnel symptoms can be confused with other medical conditions or illnesses, so consult a qualified medical doctor for a complete examination. Read 10 carpal tunnel symptoms as detailed by board certified orthopedic surgeon and sports medicine physician Dr. Stacie Grossfeld.

10 Symptoms of Carpal Tunnel Syndrome You Should Know


This is the first indicator that something may be wrong. Pressure on the median nerve causes numbness or tingling in your hand and fingers. Usually the numbness related to carpal tunnel will wake you up in the middle of the night.


Like numbness, carpal tunnel can cause a “pins and needles” feeling to your hand and fingers.


Carpal tunnel can be somewhat painful, making repetitive movements more difficult.


Usually people with carpal tunnel will experience stiffness in the hands, fingers, and wrist. This stiffness is usually more severe in the morning.


The compression in your wrist, hands, and fingers may cause weakness. Carpel tunnel syndrome often makes holding objects or writing more difficult.

Elbow Pain

It is not uncommon for people with carpal tunnel syndrome to have pain or tingling in the elbow.

Difficulty Falling Asleep

Carpal tunnel syndrome causes tingling and pain which distracts the mind and makes it harder to fall asleep. The constant pins and needles feeling may make it difficult for you to relax and get a good night’s sleep.

Pain in One Hand More than the Other

Generally people with carpal tunnel will experience more severe symptoms in one hand than the other. This is due to repetitive movements and left or right hand dominance.

Shoulder Pain

Many people with carpal tunnel syndrome have even experienced pain, tingling, or numbness running all the way from their shoulder down to their fingertips. Where you feel pain completely depends on where the pressure on your nerve is located.

Decrease in Grip Strength

Along with weakness in hand and finger muscles, carpal tunnel syndrome may make it difficult for you to hold relatively easy to grasp objects and open containers.

Carpal tunnel symptoms can be unnerving, pun intended! If you are experiencing any of these symptoms regularly and if everyday activities are becoming difficult, it is worth a visit to your doctor’s office. A thorough physical exam will identify carpal tunnel syndrome.

Most of the time home treatment options for carpal tunnel syndrome are successful. Change activities that are causing pain along with physical therapy. You may also be prescribed nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs to reduce inflammation. If your condition worsens, surgery may become an option.

It is best to treat this early before any carpal tunnel symptoms lead to long-term effects. For more information about this condition or to schedule an appointment in Louisville, Kentucky, with a board certified orthopedic surgeon, call Dr. Grossfeld’s office at 502-212-2663.

Dr. Grossfeld Attends Bingham Fellows Program Class of 2016 Graduation

Bingham Fellows Program in Louisville KentuckyDr. Grossfeld was privileged enough to be invited to the Bingham Fellows Program Class of 2016 graduation at Actor’s Theater in the Victor Jory Theatre. Dr. Grossfeld serves on the Board of both the Louisville Sports Commission and the YMCA at Norton Commons, and the CEO and President of both organizations were a part of the 2016 graduating class. Dr. Grossfeld elaborates:

It was an enlightening experience and it exposed me to some amazing organizations in Louisville Kentucky that I did not know about. It was amazing to see both of the organizations that I work with be brought together under the same umbrella for this event.

The Bingham Fellows Program was created by the Leadership Louisville Center in 1979, and it is regarded as one of the region’s most valuable resources for leadership development and civic engagement. In 2011, the Leadership Louisville Center has been recognized as one of the top seven community leadership programs in the U.S in a benchmark study by the Center for Creative Leadership.

Along with the Bingham Fellows Program, the LLC also sponsors Focus Louisville, Ignite Louisville, Leadership Louisville, and Encore Louisville.

The mission for each Bingham Fellow class is determined every year. This year’s project was titled “Empower Citizens to Live Healthier Lives.” The goal of the Class of 2016 Bingham fellows is to foster a culture of health and greater health equity. Louisville, unfortunately, has the distinction of being rated as 48 out of 50 of the largest metro areas in the U.S. in terms of fitness. Louisville is also ranked as the fifth unhealthiest city in America.

There were 36 people chosen this year to participate in the Bingham Fellows Program. Participants included: doctors, vice presidents of Fortune 500 companies, religious leaders and local small business owners. All of the participants in the Bingham Fellows Program had a unique background along with a different talent that they brought to the table.

Louisville 2016 Bingham Fellows Program Includes 5 Unique Groups

The Bingham fellows were broken up into 5 groups: Louisville Active, SaturPlay, Smoketown Family Wellness Center, Smoketown Laundry and Healthy Teen Break-Up Summit.

Louisville Active was created to start a culture of active lifestyles by creating new urban walking groups as well as expanding existing ones. Louisville Active will partner with the Louisville Sports Commission to broaden programming along with healthcare organizations, social service organizations and local businesses to share best practices. These ideas will all be implemented into a city-wide marketing campaign. Louisville Active will remain as an ad hoc committee of the Louisville Sports Commission. I am the current chairperson of the Louisville Active committee, and also member of the Louisville Sports Commission executive committee.

SaturPlay: building healthy bodies and strong character in kids aged 9-13 through a cooperative partnership with the YMCA, Dare to Care, Metro Parks, and the Shawnee Boys and Girls Club.  This program is run over a six week period at the Shawnee’s Boys and Girls club. There is fun, physical play in a safe environment along with two servings of a healthy snack that kids help to prepare.  One snack can be eaten on site and the other snack can be taken home with them to prepare at a later time.  Dare to Care supplied a registered dietician and chef to help teach the kids about healthy eating and easy healthy snack preparation. (more…)

Dr. Grossfeld Picked for Pumpkin Decorating Contest

dr-grossfeld-next-to-pumpkin-from-pumpkin-decorating-contestMetro Specialty Surgery Center in Louisville, Kentucky is having a pumpkin decorating contest and guess who’s face they chose to decorate as a pumpkin? Dr. Grossfeld!

The Details to Making Dr. Grossfeld

The nurses decided that they wanted to decorate a pumpkin that looks like one of the doctors. They felt that Dr.Grossfeld’s wardrobe, jewelry and glasses would be somewhat iconic. Plus, they said they really wanted to do a female surgeon and since Dr. Grossfeld is the only one, she became the model for the pumpkin.

Patty Morgan was instrumental in determining the supplies to use for the pumpkin decorating contest. Confetti was used to make the curly hair because that gave volume to the hair underneath an operating room cap!! Though it was difficult to find cat eye glasses, they popped out the lenses of some sunglasses and dazzled the rims.

And of course, Dr. Grossfeld’s look-a-like pumpkin also includes lots of pretty beads (from the Family Dollar) and pink lipstick (which actually worked surprisingly well).

Platelet Rich Plasma Injections Now Offered by Louisville Orthopedic Surgeon Stacie Grossfeld MD

(PRLEAP.COM) LOUISVILLE, KY- (October 26, 2016) – Louisville sports medicine physician Dr. Stacie Grossfeld is offering Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) injections at her office in Louisville, Kentucky, in order to introduce patients to a new and innovative form of pain relief. Over the past several years, a number of research studies have validated the benefits of PRP injections as a treatment for a variety of different types of injuries.

Platelet Rich Plasma injections are put directly into the affected joint or area causing pain.Many famous athletes including Tiger Woods, Alex Rodriquez, Brian Urlacher, and Kobe Bryant have received these injections for various problems including: sprained knees, tennis elbow, hip pain, and shoulder injuries. Some athletes even credit Platelet Rich Plasma injections for helping them return to sport more quickly and effectively. Platelet activation plays a key role in the process of wound and soft tissue healing which is why PRP injections benefit athletes so much.

Platelet Rich Plasma or “PRP” is plasma in a person’s blood that contains more platelets than what is found in their normal blood. Platelets typically comprise roughly 10% of our blood. These additional platelets are pulled from the liquid part of our blood or plasma which transports platelets and red and white blood cells through the body. In order to prepare the injection, the physician begins by drawing the patient’s blood. (more…)