Videos on Orthopedics and Sports Injuries

Created by Board Certified Orthopedic Surgeon & Sports Medicine Physician Dr. Stacie Grossfeld

Louisville orthopaedic surgeon Dr. Stacie Grossfeld wants to help you prepare for your Rotator Cuff Surgery. Dr. Grossfeld shares important information about the entire surgical process, from diagnosis through rotator cuff repair surgery to the recovery.

Louisville orthopedic surgeon, Stacie Grossfeld, shares important information regarding the proper fit for wearing a shoulder sling. As many patients are preparing to undergo a shoulder surgery, it is very important to understand how to properly wear a shoulder sling. Recovery is the first step to rehabilitating this injured shoulder.

This video includes the demonstration of the exercises athletes will want to perform in order to strengthen their knees and ligaments.

Mechanism of Injury, Diagnosis and Treatment – A presentation by Louisville orthopedic surgeon and sports medicine physician Dr. Stacie Grossfeld for the medical residents at the University of Louisville’s Internal Medicine and Pediatrics Residency Program.

During rotator cuff repair surgery, suture anchors are used for repair. A suture anchor is a small screw that has two sutures attached to it. The screws are designed to be absorbed by the body. Suture anchors are inserted into the bone and used to secure the tendons arthroscopically to the bone. This video shows Louisville orthopedic surgeon placing a suture anchor during rotator cuff surgery.

Louisville shoulder surgeon Dr. Stacie Grossfeld places a lateral row anchor in a shoulder during rotator cuff repair surgery. Lateral row anchors are commonly used to increase the strength of the rotator cuff repair.

Board certified orthopedic surgeon Dr. Stacie Grossfeld successfully finishes a rotator cuff repair surgery. This video depicts the rotator cuff after sutures and anchors have been successfully placed.

The United States has been affected by the Zika virus outbreak. Because this virus poses a threat to pregnant women and those trying to become pregnant, Dr. Stacie Grossfeld has created an informative video to educate others.

Dr. Grossfeld has teamed up with Centre College to give students considering a career in medicine the unique opportunity to job shadow at Orthopaedic Specialists in Louisville, Kentucky. Camille Gordon, a first year University of Louisville Medical Student, is shown in this video. Dr. Grossfeld is instructing her on some of the proper techniques used to conduct a knee examination.

This video provides an overview of ACL injury, ACL tear, ACL surgery, treatment for torn anterior cruciate ligament and prevention of ACL injury.

This video gives great information about tennis elbow and tennis elbow prevention including stretches you can do to prevent tennis elbow.

This video titled: “Differential Diagnosis for Knee and Shoulder Injuries: How to Patient Profile,” covers a range of topics important to orthopedics and sports injuries including common knee, hip and shoulder injuries.

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