Find answers to frequently asked questions about Orthopaedic Specialists in Louisville, Kentucky. If you have additional questions about orthopedic surgery, sports medicine or our medical services, please give us a call at 502-212-2663 to make an appointment or for more information.

Appointments to Orthopaedic Specialists

What should I bring with me when I come for an appointment to Orthopaedic Specialists? 

You will need to bring a government issued pictured ID, a valid insurance card, and your copayment. Some insurance companies require a referral for a visit to a specialist. If your insurance requires a referral, make sure this is completed prior to your visit.

If you are being seen for a knee lower extremity problem: hip, knee, foot or ankle, please bring a pair of shorts. If you are being seen for a shoulder problem please bring a sleeveless shirt or a sports bra.

When should I arrive for my first appointment?

Please come at your scheduled time.

How long does it take for an appointment at Orthopaedic Specialists? 

Most patients can be seen within a week or two.

Payments and Insurance

Will I need to make a payment at the time of my office visit?

Any co-payments required by an insurance company must be made at the time of your appointment at Orthopaedic Specialists, according to the law.

Will I need to make a payment at the first visit to Orthopaedic Specialists?

If your insurance company requires you to pay a copayment, this will be made at the time of your visit to Orthopaedic Specialists.

Do you accept my insurance?

We accept most insurance plans with the exception of Passport and Medicaid.

Treatments, Prescriptions and Orthopedic Surgery

Can x-rays be done in the office at Orthopaedic Specialists?

Your x-rays will be performed at our office and they are digital, so copies of your films can be downloaded onto a CD. Digital x-rays provide excellent images and even allow visualization of some soft tissue.

How can I get a refill on my current prescription?

Please call your pharmacy and they will contact our office electronically to request a
prescription refill. We use e- prescribe which is a nationwide electronic prescription service.

If I need orthopedic surgery, where would I have it?

Most of the time orthopedic surgery will be completed at Baptist Hospital East Point or at the Metro Specialty Surgery Center.

Will I need physical therapy after my orthopedic surgery?

Sometimes orthopedic surgery requires extensive physical therapy such as a rotator cuff repair. As a rule of thumb, shoulder surgery requires physical therapy.  ACL reconstruction is a knee surgery that does require physical therapy, whereas most knee arthroscopy will not. Dr. Grossfeld will discuss the physical therapy requirements of your orthopedic surgery with you.

What is Dr. Grossfeld’s surgical site infection rate?

0.6% – compared to the national average of 2.0% – 5.0% according to the CDC.

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