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Patient Success Stories – Louisville Orthopaedic Doctor

When the reality set in that I had a severe case of Compartment Syndrome, I knew that choosing to have surgery could allow me achieve my dream of playing at a professional level and for my country. Initially I was apprehensive, but Dr. Grossfeld was calm, confident and positive throughout the whole process. Without Dr. Grossfeld’s help, I wouldn’t be where I am today in my career and still often think how blessed I am to have recovered fully from a successful procedure in the hands of Dr. G and her team.

Current professional team: Amazon Grimstad FK in Norway

Republic of Ireland

I am a classical ballet dancer with the Louisville Ballet. I appreciate Dr. Grossfeld as an orthopaedic because she makes best efforts to understand the mastery and consequence of dancing eight hours a day. Dr. Grossfeld has comprehensive resources for treatment and understands the importance of rehabilitation. But most importantly, she makes sure I can do what I love…Dance.

Erica De Lao


arthroscopic surgeryMy name is Dylan Grandon. I am 21 years old, a full time student, and a starting catcher for the Georgetown College baseball team. Dr. Grossfeld has done two surgeries on me and they have both gone smoothly and I could not have asked for better results. When I was 16 she performed my first arthroscopic knee surgery. My recovery time took only six days before I played a full on 100% basketball game. I was running and jumping just as though I had never had the surgery. My next surgery she did for me was again an arthroscopic surgery when I was 19 years old. I got this procedure done and within 14 days I was back on the baseball field squatting and catching in practice. I could not be happier with the two procedures Dr. Grossfeld has done on me and I recommend her to any athlete that ever needs surgery. She was very caring and talked me through each procedure and I felt very confident in her the entire time. Dr. Grossfeld is a great doctor and an even better person and I owe a lot of my athletic success to her.

Dylan Grandon

The care that I have received from Dr Stacie Grossfeld has been excellent.  She has performed two surgeries on me with great results after both procedures.  Her office staff is wonderful.  They always have smiles on their faces and they work hard to schedule appointments around my busy work schedule.  I have seen a number of other doctors but Dr. Grossfeld and her staff are the most professional, courteous, and caring office staff I have encountered.  Walking into an office and seeing a smiling face makes it much easier to face the stresses of being in a doctor’s office.  A big thanks to Dr. Grossfeld and her staff.

Athletic trainer at South Oldham High School

Kelly Dike

rotator cuff, arthroscopic surgeryI have been a patient of Dr. Grossfeld’s since 2004, when Orthopaedic Specialists were the team doctors for the Kentucky Karma Women’s professional football team. Since that time, she has performed three arthroscopic knee surgeries and a rotator cuff surgery (and repair) on me. Dr. Grossfeld’s interest and passion in an athlete’s performance is apparent and her goal is always to them back on the field or court as quickly as possible, while maintaining quality treatment, surgery and post-surgery rehabilitation. I enjoy playing sports, bicycling and working out at the gym. She always works to insure that I can be successful in my endeavors, despite my osteoarthritis, and to return me to any of my athletic hobbies as quickly as possible after surgery. Dr. Grossfeld individualizes her care to each patient’s needs and lifestyles. I have referred several friends and family Orthopaedic Specialists and I will continue to recommend friends and family with orthopaedic needs to her office.

Lori Fitzgerald

acl, meniscusAt my first basketball practice of my Senior year in October 2011, I went up for a layup and felt something pop. It hurt a little, but I didn’t think about it until the next practice when I went to run. I knew something was wrong. My mom took me to see Louisville orthopaedic doctor Stacie Grossfeld M.D. Dr. Grossfeld didn’t sugar coat anything. She told me that I had torn my ACL and one meniscus. I have been on Varsity Baseball for 4 years and was getting ready to choose a college. I thought that my dream to play baseball in college was over. Dr. Grossfeld told me if I listened to her and did everything she told me to do, I would be back playing baseball in 5 months…The surgery went fine, except that Dr. Grossfeld had to do a little bit of work on the other meniscus. On strict orders, Dr. Grossfeld said no weight bearing on my knee for any reason for 6 weeks. That meant no driving for 6 weeks! It was hard, but I did everything she told me to do..I was cleared to play baseball on March 22, 2012…I had a great senior season at baseball and was offered a scholarship to play ball at several colleges…Thanks to Dr. Grossfeld I am getting the chance the chance to play college baseball.

Cameron Smith

rotator cuff surgeryMy name is Michelle. As a 44 year old athlete, it is no wonder that I have an experience and story to share…I began playing organized sports at age nine, lettered in 6 different sports in high school, earning a volleyball scholarship to college…I began competitive bodybuilding in my mid twenties, earning 1st place and overall in 1993 Ms. Louisville & Ms. Kentucky AAU. In my thirties I began playing women’s professional football for 8 years, until age 41. It was then I incurred two knee injuries, the second career ending. This is when my journey led me to Dr. Grossfeld. She repaired a meniscus in one knee and a total knee reconstruction in the other. This past year as I trained for a bodybuilding competition I tore a rotator cuff in my shoulder. Once again I sought the expertise of Dr. Grossfeld and her staff. Their experience and guidance throughout the years of my injuries and recoveries have superseded my expectations, putting me back on the field, the court, and in the gym; and most importantly back to a wonderful quality of life! Thanks to Louisville orthopaedic doctor Stacie Grossfeld M.D. and her staff, my knees and shoulder have come back strong as ever, especially for a seasoned athlete, and one who truly values physical activity and independence. I’m practically on a first name basis with everyone as they make me feel more than just a patient. I will always seek their care for my physiological/orthopaedic needs.

Michelle Durham

rotator cuff surgeryDear Dr. Grossfeld, Thank you so much for putting me back together. I came to you with an arm barely functioning and you rebuilt me. So well in fact that I was capable of winning a state championship for myself and for my team, but without you it could not have been possible.For seven years I wrestled striving for a state championship. I thought I would get it my 8th grade year. I worked hard and trained in the wrestling room, focusing on technique. I became a powerful contender, but I got very sick the day before the state tournament and remained subpar for the duration of the tournament. I finished 5th and have never felt such disappointment. I decided that day that I would never feel that disappointment ever again if it was within my power to prevent it.

I went into my high school wrestling career anxious but excited. I was a starter my freshman year and qualified for state; I placed 4th in state my sophomore year, and was more than ready to take state junior year. That was until I dislocated my shoulder during practice the day before our first tournament of the season. I tried to shrug it off, literally, and wrestle through the pain. It became more than just pain tolerance though. It got to the point of instability, where it was coming out of the socket multiple times during practice and matches.

Finally we faced the fact that I couldn’t wrestle with it in its current condition and my coaches pulled me out of a big Christmas tournament and sent me to get an MRI. We discovered that I had torn the labrum and had chipped the top of my humerus from constantly popping it back into socket. There was no alternative but surgery and I am so glad I came to you. It’s almost like a Cinderella story how it turned out. After my injury and especially after how my shoulder felt subsequent to surgery,

I thought that there was no way I could ever wrestle again. You proved me wrong. You fixed me up so well that even through all the pulling, tugging, and constant severe stress put on my shoulder in the demanding sport of wrestling my shoulder held out without incident. Finally, I was entering the state tournament prepared mentally, technically, and physically. Thanks to your expert skill, I was victorious in my final match at state against a nationally ranked wrestler and won state for both for myself and my team. I was even awarded MOW, or Most Outstanding Wrestler, out of nearly 450 state competitors. I could not have ended my high school wrestling career any better, and it was all made possible by you. So, from the bottom of my heart, I thank you!

Hunter French


louisville orthopedicI have been a patient of Dr. Grossfeld’s since 1997. She has always been very professional, as has her office staff. It’s nice to come into the office and have the staff recognize you instead of being treated like “just another patient”. Dr. Grossfeld has always approached my treatment carefully and cautiously, including consulting with other doctors outside of her practice and even presenting me at a conference to best plan out my course of treatment. Without her care and surgical expertise, I would not have been able to continue working and doing the things in life that I want to do.

Emily Freeman