Top 4 Diagnosis for Knee Pain

knee pain

Experiencing discomfort in the knee? Here are the four most common diagnosis for knee pain:

  1. Osteoarthritis

Osteoarthritis is the breakdown of the cartilage in the knee joint. It typically affects an older population. If a younger person has osteoarthritis it tends to be related to morbid obesity or prior knee trauma. The symptoms are typically a throbbing/aching pain along with knee stiffness. Night pain is common. X-rays will confirm the diagnosis. The treatment has a broad range from physical therapy, an at home exercise program, an unloader knee bracing, and oral or topical NSAIDS. Cortisone, hyaluronic acid and PRP injections are also an option along with stem cell recruitment therapy. When all conservative treatment fails, joint replacement surgery is considered.

2. Chondromalcia of the Patella

Chondromalcia of the patella is the break down of cartilage that covers the kneecap. This condition can occur from knee/patellar malalignment. It typically affects a younger female patient population. Symptoms are a dull pain located in the front of the knee that occurs when using stairs or prolonged sitting.The treatment involves an exercise program to strengthen the quadriceps and hip muscles.

3. Meniscal Tear

The meniscus is a shock absorber in the knee joint. Meniscal tears occur from trauma. However, in an arthritic knee the meniscus can tear from everyday use. This occurs in all age groups. The symptoms are typically a stabbing pain that is activity related, swelling and popping in the knee. An MRI scan is the definitive imaging study for diagnosis. Treatment is varied. In a knee with advance osteoarthritis, treating the osteoarthritis can resolve the meniscal tear symptoms. In a knee free of osteoarthritis, a knee arthroscopy to remove or repair the torn portion of meniscus is recommended.

4. ACL Tear

The ACL is the major ligament that stabilizes the knee joint. A significant force or trauma is needed to tear this ligament. The injury tends to occur in a younger active population. At the time of the injury a pop is heard and or felt. Swelling typically occurs within 12 hours of the injury and severe pain occurs initially. A MRI scan is the best imaging used for diagnosis. The treatment involves ACL reconstruction surgery if the patient is active in twisting, turning & jumping activities.

To get an accurate diagnosis for your knee pain, contact Dr. Stacie Grossfeld and the Orthopaedic Specialists of Louisville, Kentucky at 502-212-2663.

Louisville Skating Academy Announces Sports Medicine Partnership With Dr. Stacie Grossfeld

Dr. Stacie Grossfeld and ProRehab Louisville have partnered with the Louisville Skating Academy (LSA) to prevent on-ice injuries through preventative physical therapy and access to top-notch sports medical care and sport injury experts for rehabilitation. Competitive figure skaters will receive injury prevention and treatment from the local physical therapy group and Orthopedic Specialists.

“It is vital to have a PT group that understand the physical demands of ice skating, knows the individualized treatment plan, and understands what a triple toe loop is in order to treat the injury effectively and efficiently and ensure a healthy recovery and rehabilitation so skaters can get back to their passion,” said Dr. Stacie Grossfeld, the physician who leads the medical team.

Grossfeld is a local orthopedic surgeon who has a large sports medicine practice geared towards treating athletes. Due to the nature of sports injuries, athletes need quick diagnosis and treatment – with this partnership, LSA members will always have access to the care they need as well as the ability to escalate their care if deemed necessary by their physical therapist.

About ProRehab

ProRehab, through its predecessors, has partnered with LSA for more than 10 years in order to provide sport-specific injury treatment as well as preventative education to attempt to subvert injuries before they happen.

“This sport is an incredible way to demonstrate eloquence and grace while promoting healthy living and expression through the arts. Ice-skating is a high-skill sport which also means it is high-risk,” said Dr. Ed Foring, PT, DPT, OCS, CSCS, and Clinic Director with the ProRehab Prospect Clinic.

“The Louisville Skating Academy is proud to have a long-standing relationship with the physical therapists at ProRehab and Dr. Grossfeld and are excited that all teams will work together to keep our athletes strong, on the ice, and doing what they love,” said Becca Hatch-Purnell, the Skating Director at Louisville Skating Academy.

How Can You Get Involved?

  • Get on the ice! Getting people of all ages and background to express themselves through ice-skating is a big priority for Louisville Skating Academy. As a non-profit organization, they are dedicated to promoting the sport of figure skating in the greater Louisville area.
    • Attend a Louisville Skating Academy event to observe and support the teams of skaters. for more info.
  • Arrange a sport specialist screening from physical therapy experts at ProRehab.
    • A ProRehab therapist can assess and train you alongside specialized athletes.

Dr. Grossfeld is double board certified in orthopedic surgery and sports medicine. A graduate of the University of Louisville School of Medicine, Dr. Grossfeld served her internship and residency at the University of Minnesota and completed a fellowship in Sports Medicine at the Fowler- Kennedy Sports Medicine Center. In addition to her private practice, Dr. Grossfeld serves as a team doctor for the South Oldham Dragons and she is also an Assistant Clinical Professor at the University of Louisville.

What is Sarcopenia and How Can High-Intensity Interval Training Prevent it?

What is Sarcopenia?

Sarcopenia is the loss of muscle mass as we age. As we get older, we start to have a more rapid breakdown of our basic muscle mass that gets replaced with fatty tissue. This can be attributed to a more sedentary lifestyle in our older years as well as common changes in one’s nutrition, hormones and protein levels that come with the aging process.
As a result, one’s balance, strength, gait and ability to perform daily tasks can become quite limited. While we start to lose muscle mass around the age of 40, sarcopenia tends to affect those in their 60’s or 70’s.
While there is no cure for old age, or sarcoopenia for that matter, one can prevent sarcopenia by  adopting a healthier lifestyle. Increasing one’s daily protein intake for example can ensure malnutrition is not a factor. Additionally, strength training exercises can help increase muscle size. With the right workout routine even bones, ligaments and tendons can become strengthened.

How Can High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) Prevent Sarcopenia?

The only way to slow down, reverse, or prevent the process of losing muscle mass is to continually stress your muscles. HIIT training stresses your muscles. When you push your muscles to fatigue, they will respond by getting stronger.

However it is important that you are not just working out one particular muscle group because the other muscle groups will start to atrophy or get sarcopenia. It’s like the old saying, “If you don’t use it, you will lose it!” Because the 50-year-old is the new 40-year-old, it is critical that muscles be continually worked out.

F45 provides a work out that will fatigue different muscle groups different days of the week. Because it is a scientifically-based program, you can work out 5 to 7 days a week and not cause overuse injuries but all the muscle groups will be utilized.

For more information about sarcopenia, contact Dr. Stacie Grossfeld and the Orthopaedic Specialists of Louisville, Kentucky at 502-212-2663.

Meet our Newest Round of Residents!

We’ve got a full office this month! Meet our newest round of residents from left to right…

Resident Kate Dutton is studying Pre-Med at Centre College and enjoys playing sports and coloring in her free time.

Hazar Hassunen hails from the Indiana University School of Medicine. Hazar has two fur children (cats named Aria & Toby) and loves exploring new restaurants in Louisville as well as baking and reading.

Mitchell Kutner is from St. George’s University, newly married, and currently on adult softball, kickball and tennis leagues!

It sure is a blast getting to work with these three and we are excited for the future of medicine!

Patient of the Month Emily Freeman

This month’s patient of the month is Emily Freeman! Emily has been an elementary librarian for 17 years, and enjoys baking, knitting as well as the occasional craft. She is known around our office for always bringing in the most delicious baked goods!

Dr. Grossfeld has been treating Emily since she was 19 after a car accident gave her kneecap arthritis at an early age. As a result of the accident, Emily has undergone 16 surgeries (the last one being in 2016). Though initially her right knee was the only one directly affected by the car wreck, after years of compensation and overuse she essentially has no cartilage in either knee.

Buying Her Time

While Emily is not a runner or athletic person, she does enjoy themed 5ks and casual cycling (last year, Emily recently participated in a pumpkin 5K).

“I try to stay somewhat active as having strong muscles helps take the pressure off of my joints and allows me to buy what time I can. I have also learned that good quality, professionally fitted tennis shoes are key to remaining active. Don’t try to save a buck and buy cheap shoes, or stretch them beyond their wear.”

For Emily, a knee replacement is a last resort and PRP injections have allowed her to hold off on replacing both knees. While it takes a few weeks to fully take effect, Emily managed to get 1 year of relief out of her first injection. Not knowing what to expect, she has viewed this as a success considering they usually offer only 6 to 9 months of relief.

A Realistic Outlook

As a librarian she is on her knees a lot, visiting classrooms etc. and has learned her limits as well as to pay attention to her body’s warning signs. “Stairs are not my friend,” says Emily. “Before PRP injections, no matter what I was doing, I was stopping and thinking about it. I would make it through the school day and then spend the evening with my legs propped up. Now I don’t think about it with every step and I build in rest time during more demanding time periods like the beginning of the school year.”

Emily also takes an anti inflammatory, and is considering stem cell therapy in the future. She will likely revisit more surgeries as well to clean out any damage from the bone on bone impact.

As for Dr. Grossfled’s outlook? “Emily Freeman is a wonderful person and I’ve watched her grow up. Her dedication to keeping her fitness level up and her health has allowed her to stay away from knee replacement surgery.”



Dr. Grossfeld Celebrates Louisville, Kentucky’s Third F45 Studio with the Grand Opening of F45 Crestwood

About F45 Louisville

The F45 Training franchise in Louisville, Kentucky is excited to announce the grand opening of a third F45 training facility located in Crestwood, Kentucky. The newest location officially opened on Saturday, July 20th, and was commemorated with a grand opening celebration at the training facility located at 5998 Pleasant Colony Court Crestwood, Kentucky 40014. The event kicked off with two back-to-back Hollywood workout classes at 8:15 a.m. and 9:30 a.m., followed by a ribbon-cutting with the Mayor of Crestwood, Jim Kramer, at 10:45 a.m. The celebration included raffles and free giveaways from Local sponsors: HealthQuest Nutrition, ProRehab Physical Therapy, Perfectly Prepped, and Athleta.

F45 Training is the latest fitness trend to hit the Louisville area and uses a functional Bootcamp-style approach to fitness that helps members burn fat and build lean muscle. In order to bring F45 Training to Louisville, orthopedic surgeon, Dr. Stacie Grossfeld, teamed up with personal trainers Melissa Goodlett and Kim Postema to open all three locations. The first location to open was F45 Middletown which launched in April followed by F45 St. Matthews which celebrated its grand opening on July 13th. After the grand opening celebration at F45 Crestwood this Saturday, people living in Louisville now have three convenient locations available to experience the F45 Training fitness approach.

The History of F45

F45 originated in Australia in 2011 and has since taken the world by storm including the likes of celebrities such as Mark Wahlberg and Nicole Ritchie. The functional approach that combines high-intensity interval training, cardiovascular work, and circuit training is proven to be one of the most effective approaches to shedding body fat and building lean, strong muscle. All three F45 locations in Louisville, Kentucky follow this approach and incorporate over 3,000 exercises into a wide variety of workout routines. The global reach of F45 is staggering due to the setup of the workout routines. Every F45 training location around the world, including the three in Louisville, Kentucky, are all on the same weekly schedule. As each member participates in a Monday workout at F45 Crestwood, the same workout is being led at F45 Middletown, F45 St. Matthews, and every F45 training facility around the world.

The global, team building ideology is one reason that the F45 movement is such a large success. Another reason is the results that members who join F45 training see after attending workout sessions. Not only do the cardio classes guarantee to burn anywhere from 800 – 1,000 calories per session. In addition, the resistance-based classes focused on building muscles also deliver results quickly and efficiently. And now those living in Louisville, Kentucky who are interested in giving F45 training a try are able to do so at any of three different locations.

Each F45 training facility is outfitted with everything a member needs to get a full-body workout in 45 minutes to an hour depending on what class they attend.

Each facility in Louisville, Kentucky includes:

  • A gym facility where members can store their belongings in cubbies during their workouts. Each facility is also equipped with showers, so members can get their F45 workout in and wash off the sweat before they head to their jobs. Additionally, each facility also has a parking lot, so members never have to worry about finding a spot to park their car before coming in for their workout.
  • Workout stations that incorporate a variety of workout equipment including stationary bikes, rowing machines, pull-up bars, steps, boxes, ropes, mats, and sandbags.
  • team of highly trained certified fitness trainers who are available to lead the workout classes, motivate gym members to give each workout their all and help members with correct form and function through each workout session.
  • Various workouts that are sure to use every part of your body during a 45-minute session. From the cardio-focused Foxtrot that takes members back to military bootcamp basics to the resistance-based Pegasus that is guaranteed to work the musculature you’ve already built and help build more, there is a workout for anyone interested in growing their fitness routine.
  • The opportunity to join the 8-Week Challenge where members are challenged with workout routines and given access to meal planning, nutritional advice, and an online community where they can track their progress and monitor others on the same journey.

Meet the Team Behind F45 Crestwood

Dr. Stacie Grossfeld, an orthopedic surgeon in Louisville, Kentucky, who is also an avid tennis player and involved in a variety of fitness-related community causes saw the opportunity to bring F45 Training to Louisville and jumped. She partnered with personal trainers Melissa Goodlett and Kim Postema. Both have dedicated their lives to fitness and find immense joy in helping others achieve peak physical health.

Together, the three female entrepreneurs, along with Larry Benz, founder, and CEO of Confluence Health, and John Miller, a regional sales manager for Colgate, professional photographer, and self-proclaimed “fitness fanatic,” have successfully launched three F45 training facility locations in Louisville since April of this year and are excited to see how the city embraces the franchise. So far, F45 has been a huge success and the third Crestwood location that opened on Saturday only guarantees more accessibility for those living in the northeastern part of the city including Oldham County.

F45 Crestwood is the final F45 training facility planned for Louisville, Kentucky at this time, and is now open and accepting new memberships. For those interested in giving the functional training approach to fitness a try, a 1-week free trial is available at F45 Crestwood to celebrate their opening. If you missed the grand opening and are interested in learning more about F45 Crestwood, visit their website or schedule your first class and try F45 training for yourself.

About F45 Training in Louisville, Kentucky

International fitness chain, F45, originates in Australia and offers a wide variety of full-body workouts through a weekly schedule. Each workout is 45 minutes to an hour-long depending on the class and uses a combination of HIIT, cardiovascular training, and functional training to burn fat and build muscle. For anyone who feels like they aren’t getting what they want out of a box gym setting or are in a rut with their day-to-day workout routine, F45 is the perfect option. And now there are three F45 training facility locations in Louisville, Kentucky.

The first F45 location that opened in April of 2019 is located in Middletown. The second location that opened in early July is in St. Matthews (in the same shopping center as Trader Joe’s.) The newest location, F45 Crestwood, is located at 5998 Pleasant Colony Court, Louisville, Kentucky 40014 and is currently accepting new members. Each of the F45 locations in Louisville has its own Facebook page where members can stay up-to-date.


Medical Student Comes Full Circle!

Savannah was a student athlete when I started taking care of her in middle school. She ended up have several knee surgeries for an unstable patellae. Now she is a medical student! It was just pure fun having her shadow me in the office and in surgery. The great news is there are some super, crazy intelligent students out there learning the field of medicine that will be able to take care of us all in the future. 😷❤️😷

Dr. Grossfeld Celebrates the Grand Opening of F45 Training in St. Matthews

F45 Training, a functional boot-camp style training approach to fitness that originated in Australia, recently arrived in Louisville, Kentucky. Louisville orthopedic surgeon Dr. Stacie Grossfeld teamed up with personal trainers Melissa Goodlett and Kim Postema to open three F45 studios. With the F45 Middletown location opening in April, the female entrepreneurs are excited to announce the grand opening of a second F45 location in the St. Matthews neighborhood of Louisville, Kentucky!

F45 St. Matthews will be opening on Saturday, July 13th at 4600 Shelbyville Road in the same plaza as Trader Joe’s, Feeder’s Supply, and Nordstrom Rack (right by Murphy’s Camera and the Vitamin Shoppe.) The grand opening celebration will start with two classes at 8:15 a.m. and 9:30 a.m. followed by a ribbon cutting at 10:45 a.m. with Richard Tonini, the Mayor of St. Matthews. Vendors including Zija, Perfectly Prepped, Fusion Wellness, Profile Sanford, Live Well Natural Health, and Pro Rehab will be at the grand opening along with a live DJ. Attendees will have a chance to enter giveaways and participate in a membership raffle during the celebration.

The History of F45

F45 started in Sydney, Australia in 2011. The founders of this high-intensity interval training (HIIT) program developed the unique approach that F45 utilizes as an answer for those who are interested in living a healthy lifestyle but find themselves in a rut within the normal, box gym setting. Since its start, F45 has become extremely popular around the world with thousands of locations opening across the globe. Now, high-profile celebrities like Mark Wahlberg are investing in F45 after having realized for themselves that the F45 Training approach is steeped in health benefits.

What Sets F45 Apart

F45 Training focuses on a succession-style exercise routine that combines functional training, circuit training, and high-intensity interval training (HIIT). With thousands of variations, members of F45 training facilities are able to participate in various workout classes throughout the week without repeating classes. Each of the classes uses three training styles to help members with cardiovascular endurance while burning body fat and building strong, lean muscle.

The F45 training facility opening in the St. Matthews neighborhood of Louisville, Kentucky on July 13th will be the second state-of-the-art F45 location in Louisville following the Middletown location. It features:

  • Workout stations that use workout equipment including balance trainers, stationary bikes, rowing machines, barbells, ropes, mats, and sandbags.
  • A highly trained team of certified fitness trainers who are there to lead workout classes and motivate gym members to push themselves harder throughout the workouts.
  • A variety of different workouts that range from the cardio-based Athletica that burns over 800 calories per session to the resistance-based Pegasus workout that focuses on building muscle mass are available through the online scheduling platform.
  • The F45 Training 8 Week Challenge that uses a combination of rigorous workout routines, nutritional counseling, and an online support community to help members succeed in transforming their bodies over an eight-week period.

The Women Behind F45

Dr. Stacie Grossfeld, a double board-certified sports medicine physician and orthopedic surgeon in Louisville, Kentucky, and one of several business partners bringing the F45 experience to the region is excited to open this St. Matthews location. Dr. Grossfeld is a fitness fanatic who skis, cycles, and plays competitive USTA tennis. As a doctor, she sees patients who suffer from sports injuries and is always encouraging patients to lead healthy and active lifestyles no matter their age. For this reason, she saw the opportunity to bring F45 Training to Louisville, Kentucky as a natural expansion on her day-to-day work as a physician.

Dr. Grossfeld partnered with Certified Fitness Trainers Melissa Goodlett and Kim Postema to make the dream of an F45 franchise coming to Louisville a reality. Both Melissa and Kim have dedicated their lives to living healthy lifestyles that incorporate fitness routines and they love working with, and inspiring, other people who have decided to take a step towards living a healthier lifestyle. For the two Certified Fitness Trainers, it was a no-brainer to join forces with Dr. Grossfeld and invest in the F45 franchise.

Bringing F45 to Louisville

The F45 franchise in Louisville would not have been possible without the help of Larry Benz, founder, and CEO of Confluence Health, and John Miller, a regional sales manager for Colgate, professional photographer, and self-proclaimed “fitness fanatic”.

Dr. Grossfeld has said herself that her and the team “are so excited to bring this amazing scientifically-based fitness studio to St. Matthews” and that she is looking forward to seeing how the people of the neighborhood embrace “this unique approach to fitness.” Anyone who lives in St. Matthews, or surrounding areas, and is interested in checking out the F45 St. Matthew experience for themselves can take advantage of a 1-week free trial.

F45 St. Matthews is the second of three F45 Training facilities that this trio will be opening in Louisville, Kentucky. The first F45 opened its doors on April 20th and is located in Middletown at 12905 Shelbyville Road. The third location to open is located in Crestwood, Kentucky and is slated to open later in July. Come down to the grand opening of F45 St. Matthews on July 13th to learn even more about the F45 Training facility, the team of Certified Fitness Trainers that lead the workouts, and see the studio.

The F45 Experience

F45 is an international fitness chain that offers a wide variety of structured workouts each which last 45 minutes to an hour and give participants a full body workout every time. F45 Training is the perfect option for those who are wanting to get into shape but aren’t getting what they want from a big box gym or find themselves in a rut. There are three F45 locations slated to be open by the end of July in Louisville, Kentucky.

The first F45 location, in Middletown, opened on April 20th and is currently accepting new members. The second F45 location, in St. Matthews, will be having a grand opening celebration on July 13th. The third F45 location is slated to open in Crestwood before the end of the month. Each F45 location has its own Facebook page where the community can stay up-to-date.


Resident of the Month Alex Carrasquer

Meet our Resident of the Month Alex Carrasquer!

Alex is a saint X graduate where he was an avid tennis player. After having done oncology research at the Brown Cancer Center at U of L for 10 years, Alex wants to pursue a fellowship in sports medicine so he can branch out into physical medicine and rehabilitation for oncology patients. That is his interest.

While this may seem like an interesting combination, it is very much needed. Once a cancer patient is cancer free, it can important for them emotionally and physically to get back into fitness. For example, some cancer patients have chronic pain as a result of radiation treatments or surgery. It is Alex’s goal to be able to guide these patients to a road full of recovery.

Currently, Alex is doing his residency in physical medicine and rehabilitation. There is a lot of crossover with orthopedics except that it is non-operative. Alex will also work with stroke victims and other patients who have suffered from severe injuries that require physical rehab under the guidance of a physician.

As a father of 2, Alex Carrasquer enjoys spending time with family and friends, sports and music.

Patient of the Month Jack Trick

Jack Trick is 90 years old and has been playing tennis since he was 50!

Being active is important for Trick who plays tennis and bridge three times a week. Recently, he has been experiencing a lack of energy and thought it might be a hip problem as hee has had a knee replacement and knee injections.

After talking with a tennis friend, who recommended Dr. Stacie Grossfeld, Jack made an appointment with the Orthopaedic Specialists. As it turns out, his hips are both doing fine! Dr. Grossfeld suggested doing some cardio exercise and Jack has started to ride a stationary bike for 15 minutes a day, gradually increasing the time. 

Hopefully this does the “trick”!