New Sports Coming to the 2028 Summer Olympics

New Sports at the Summer Olympics 2028

As we all know, the 2024 Summer Olympics have officially begun in Paris, France. We are all excited for the matchups, but some of us are certainly looking forward to the 2028 Summer Olympics, which will be held in Los Angeles, CA! It will be exciting to watch an international stage set in the US. What’s more, it will be exciting to see the addition of sports that have deep ties to American culture.

This year, we see the comeback of 5 sports that saw their debut at the 2020 Summer Olympic games:

  • Breaking, or Breakdancing, which actually officially debuted at the 2018 Summer Youth Olympic Games.
  • Skateboarding
  • Sport Climbing (including bouldering, speed climbing, and lead climbing)
  • Surfing
  • 3×3 Basketball

However, there have been 5 additional sports that will be new(ish) to the docket in 2028 as well:

Flag Football

Flag football is a sport originating from Fort Meade, Maryland. During WWII, it allowed military personnel to play football without sustaining injuries. Now, the sport has been adopted by schools and organizations across the world. In it, two teams of 4-10 players with flags hanging from a belt play the normal rules of American football. The difference is that, instead of tackling, removing a flag will result in a down. It will be interesting to see how it debuts in 2028!


Originating from England, this sport evolved from the game of tennis. The premise of the sport is that a team consisting of doubles or singles players hits a hollow rubber ball off of the walls of a 4-walled court in a receive-and-return manner similar to tennis. There are out-of-bounds lines on the walls and specific boxes where players can serve. Players also cannot purposefully or accidentally obstruct the others’ movements. Approximately 20 million people across the world play the game of squash, so its debut is long-awaited!

Baseball and Softball

Baseball and softball are only relatively new to the Summer Olympics. They have been included in the Games in the past, even as recently as Tokyo 2020, but will not be a part of the 2024 Games. As far as the games go, the histories are rather murky. Baseball is the result of a long evolution from the game of ’rounders’ in England. In turn, softball is a variation of baseball originating from Chicago, Illinois on Thanksgiving Day in 1887.

Both games include teams of 9 players spread out across a field. These teams take turns batting and baserunning on offense and pitching/catching/fielding on defense in the field. The team switch after the offensive team gets 3 outs. An Olympic game consists of nine innings for baseball and seven innings for softball.


Cricket is another game that has previously been played at the Olympics. However, the last time it was included in the Games was 1900, despite the earliest reference dating back to 1598. In regard to gameplay, Cricket is a predecessor to baseball and softball and therefore has a similar set up. It is played with two teams of 11 players on a field that contains a wicket at each end, which marks the player’s spot. A ball is ‘bowled’ from the bowler, and the striker tries to hit the ball before switching with a second teammate who stands at the wicker with them. Players are dismissed when a ball dislodges the strikers’ bails on the wicket or is caught before it hits the ground once stuck. Innings are over once 10 players have been dismissed.


Finally, lacrosse has also featured in the Summer Olympics before, back in 1904 and 1908. It is the oldest organized sport in North America and originates from the indigenous people of North America. European colonists modified it into the sport we play today. There are several forms of lacrosse, but the 2028 version for both men and women will be ‘sixes.’ This version is compact and fast-paced; it is a combination of field and box lacrosse. Learn more about the sixes style from World Lacrosse!

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