An Overview of The New Fitness Trend F45

Originating out of Australia, F45 is a group training facility designed to help members reach their health and fitness goals. With a new location now open in Middletown, Kentucky, those interested in a workout that offers structure, motivation as well as a sense of community, all in a realistic time frame, can attend classes starting April 20th.

What does F45 stand for?

F45 combines high intensity interval training, circuit training and function training; three methods that have proven most effective for burning fat and building lean muscle. High intensity interval training consists of rapid fire exercises that shock the body into shape. Circuit training involves strength training, cardiovascular and muscular endurance. The “F” in F45 stands for function training. F45 describes function training as, “exercises that mimic or recreate everyday movement.” The “45” is how long each workout takes: exactly 45 minutes.

With 31 45 minute workouts and 3,000 variations, members never get the same workout twice. Each routine is challenging and utilizes the whole body as well as all it’s joints and muscle groups. In support of day to day activities, the workouts focus on movements such as lifting, squatting, jumping, twisting, pulling, pushing, punching, kicking, rowing and biking. Stations are stocked with items like barbells, ropes, rowing machines, mats, stationary bikes, sandbags and bosu balls.

At the beginning of each class, two instructors demonstrate each exercise. Further instruction is shown on monitors around the room. As for the 31 workouts, they are each themed around movement patterns for various sporting activities. Some of the most popular include:

Brooklyn: Boxing A mix of boxing, MMA and martial arts.

Brixton Brooklyn’s sister workout is structured to mimic the training of a fighter and features a mixture of MMA, combat, and self defense.

Foxtrot: Cardio Based A military style resistance workout.

Atheltica An agile focused workout.

Romans: Resistance It is scientifically proven that resistance based training can actually burn more calories than cardio.

Hollywood Circuit and West Hollywood Although these are a whole hour, they’re perhaps the most popular and well known for their fun curated playlists.