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What does a ballerina’s foot look like on an X-ray?

What does a ballerina’s foot look like on an X-ray when they are on their toes? The top image is you and me walking. The bottom left image is a ballerina en pointe. The most common injury among dancers are foot problems. I see metatarsal stress fractures, bunion deformities, flexor hallus longus tendinitis, and other… Read more »

What is a Meniscus?

A meniscus is a structure located in your knee joint that functions as a shock absorber. You have two of them in each knee and they are prone to tearing. When the meniscus is torn, it produces a sharp stabbing pain and sometimes it will cause your knee to click or even lock. Many times… Read more »

Discovering an Occult Fracture

The top left x-ray of the elbow is normal. The top right x-ray of the elbow has an occult fracture of the radial head. An occult fracture is when you cannot see the break on an x-ray. How did I know the radial head bone was broken if I couldn’t see the fracture line on… Read more »

What is Scoliosis?

Do I have scoliosis? This is a question I get asked fairly often when people come in with back pain. Scoliosis is when you have a curvature and a rotational deformity of your spine. By definition the curvature of the spine should be at least 10°. You can develop it as a child with the… Read more »

Lateral Patellar Compression Syndrome

This is a condition where your kneecap is tilted and compresses on the femoral groove abnormally. Imaged below is a picture of a kneecap joint with lateral patellar compression syndrome. You can see where on the right side the bones are touching each other and on the left side there’s a big open space. There… Read more »

Having a Great Week with Genevieve Jacobs, M.D.

Seeing all kinds of cool orthopaedic stuff! Today we have the privilege of treating one of our University of Louisville Women’s basketball team season ticket holders. She was giving us the scoop on the U of L vs U Conn win. So proud of our lady Cards!!!

Reducing a Fracture in the Operating Room

You would think in this day and age of high technology we would have something more technologically advanced to reduce a fracture in the operating room. However, we still use old-fashioned bone reduction clamps to hold the broken bones together while we are fixing the fracture. Imaged below are two different bone reduction clamps that… Read more »

Ice = Broken Ankles

The fibula bone has a spiral fracture and the mortise has been disrupted. A strong stainless steel plate and 11 screws did the trick. Six weeks on crutches, followed by six weeks of PT and lots of home exercises, then this gal will be ready to hit the tennis court again.     

When a Screw Comes Loose

Why do you think the lady imaged below cannot get her shoe to fit anymore ? And yes, she truly does have a “screw loose” 😜 She presented with the screw head almost pushing through the skin as you can see in the image with the yellow arrow. The patient had surgery about 15 years ago by… Read more »