Monthly Archives: June 2014

Benefits of Physical Activity for Seniors

Engaging in Sustained Physical Activity Good for Seniors – Older people who stay physically active may be less likely to experience heart problems like a heart attack, according to the latest research. Exercise helps a person’s heart by cutting down on the risk of heart rhythm problems. Looking at data from nearly 1,000 adults with… Read more »

Overuse Injuries and Mountain Biking

Mountain Biking and Overuse Injuries Researchers at Northern Arizona University led by Dr. Michael Lebec looked at whether there were injury differences between mountain bikers engaged in single-speed riding and those with bikes that have multiple gears. According to the research findings, mountain bikers commonly experience overuse injuries. Just over 400 mountain bikers were surveyed in… Read more »

ACL Injury Risk and Soccer Players

Injuries to the anterior cruciate ligament or ACL injury risk is a common sports injury for many athletes, especially in certain sports. Soccer is a sport that has a higher than average ACL injury risk. Research led by Dr. Brophy and colleagues (2014) at Washington University Orthopedics examines the mechanisms of ACL injury risk for soccer… Read more »