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Opioid Facts

1. 80% of the world’s opioid use is in the U.S. but the U.S. only makes up 5% of the world’s population. 2. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the amount of prescription opioids nearly quadrupled from 1999 to 2015. 3. By 2014, Americans were more likely to die from an… Read more »

Meet Dr. Michael Orangias!

Michael Orangias, MD came back for a repeat rotation! Dr. Orangias is a fourth-year resident with the Internal Medicine and Pediatrics departments at the University of Louisville. He will be double board-certified when he graduates and passes his boards. After he completes his double residency he is going to complete a double fellowship. One fellowship… Read more »

I Heard a Pop in My Knee

I Heard a Pop in My Knee What Does That Mean? Unlike the cartoon below you probably didn’t pop a balloon 🎈… The top five conditions that may occur if you heard a pop in your knee after a traumatic event are: 1. Torn meniscus 2. Torn ACL 3. Dislocated patella (knee cap) 4. Bone bruise… Read more »

What is a Stem Cell?

Stem cells are progenitor cells: cells that can change into other types of cells. Stem cells contribute to the body’s ability to renew and repair its own tissues. Unlike mature cells, which are the final phase of a cell and cannot change into another type of cell, stem cells can both renew themselves and create… Read more »

What is Sarcopenia?

Sarcopenia is muscle loss as you age. Who gets it? Everyone, unless you work to maintain muscle mass. Adding weight training, weight lifting or some type of resistance exercises after age 35 is important. After age 60 studies have revealed that you have to work harder to maintain your muscle mass and strength. Keeping your… Read more »

Are Certain Sports Injuries Gender Specific?

The short answer is yes. Here’s a quiz to test your knowledge: 1. Who gets more ACL tears percentage wise? 2. Which gender gets worse concussions ? 3. Do men or women have a higher incidence of stress fractures? 4. Who experiences more traumatic dislocations of the shoulder? 5. What about sports related traumatic fractures… Read more »

Shattered Talus

This is why cleaning your gutters is dangerous! I saw this patient as a second opinion. He had surgery elsewhere. When he fell off the roof, he landed directly on his feet like a cat and shattered his talus which is one of the major bones in the ankle. He is going to need to… Read more »