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Ankle Sprains – An Overview of this Common Sports Injury

Ankle Sprain Injury – Ankle sprains are one of the most common types of injuries. Researchers led by Dr. Cailbhe Doherty and colleagues (2013) conducted a review of research on ankle sprain injuries, identifying a total of 144 separate studies. Based on this meta-analysis, the researchers found that the sports with the highest rate of… Read more »

Researchers Find Ways to Cut Down on Osteoarthritis Pain

Therapeutic exercise is often recommended to cut down on osteoarthritis pain. With all the different kinds of exercise, what types are most appropriate for people with osteoarthritis pain? Medical researchers analyzed data from sixty different medical trials which included 8,218 people. Physical activity was categorized in three different ways: 1. Strength building 2. Flexibility 3…. Read more »

Sports Injuries and Kids Health

Physical Activity A Key Part of Preventing Sports Injuries Children that are not used to being active might be in more danger when they participate in sports and go outside to play, according to some of the latest research on sports injuries. Research conducted by Dr. Evert Verhagen at the Australian Centre for Research into… Read more »

How Does Knee Surgery Impact Student Athletes?

Researchers including Caitlin Rugg MS, Dean Wang MD, and colleagues (2014) at the Department of Orthopaedic Surgery at UCLA looked at how knee surgery impacts the sports career for intercollegiate athletes. Athletes who participated in college sports between 2003 and 2008 with a history of knee surgery were identified for analysis. Data on approximately 456… Read more »

Common Tennis Injuries from Serving

Tennis Injuries from Serving the Tennis Ball – An Analysis of 3 Types of Tennis Serves Researchers led by Dr. Geoffrey D. Adams and colleagues at Stanford University looked at three different types of tennis serves to see if certain serves were more strongly associated with musculoskeletal injury. The three types of tennis serves considered… Read more »