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Five Ways to Prevent Tennis Elbow as a Tennis Player

1. Purchase a racket that is flexible. Stiff, high power level rackets will transmit the force the ball produces when it strikes the racket up to the elbow area, irritating the common extensor tendon. 2. Use strings that are poly filament. A monofilament string tends to increase the force on the players elbow. 3. Have… Read more »

Bilateral Distal Radius Fractures

This is not a good result after a successful dunk of the basketball. Good news is that they were non displaced and short arm casts were applied. What has been your worst broken bone experience?  

Gout vs. Pseudogout Comparison

1. Gout is the deposition of uric acid crystals. 2. Pseudo gout is the deposition of calcium pyrophosphate dihydrate crystals. 3. Both conditions produce sharp crystals which are extremely painful. Think of it as throwing a bunch of broken glass into your joint. That’s what happens with gout and pseudogout. 4. Gout may occur with… Read more »

Why is it bad to smoke when you have a broken or fractured bone?

Nicotine is very toxic to your body. Cigarettes can have up to 3,500 different toxins in addition to nicotine. Nicotine  causes vasoconstriction. The “vaso” is Latin for blood vessel and “constriction” means to get smaller. When you are using nicotine or are even around other people that are smoking and have third hand smoke on… Read more »

An ACL Injury

What you need to know after the injury has occurred: 1. 81% of individuals of all ages return back to sports after ACL reconstruction. 2. 65% will return to the same level of play. 3. Psychosocial factors may play a role in determining who returns back to sports. 4. There is as much as a… Read more »

Stem Cell Injection Helps Patient Recover from Achilles Tendon Tear

In this week’s blog, we sat down with former patient Rhonda Windhorst. Rhonda recently had a 50% Achilles tendon tear and had previously seen Dr. Grossfeld for arthritis in the knee. After participating in Stem Cell Recruitment Therapy, Rhonda has experienced a great amount of improvement. How did you come to learn about stem cell… Read more »