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Compartment Syndrome – Learn the Facts from Louisville Orthopedic and Sports Medicine Physician Dr. Stacie Grossfeld

Compartment Syndrome is a medical condition that occurs when a person’s blood supply is not sufficient enough to give adequate oxygen to the body’s muscles and nerves. Acute compartment syndrome is very serious, and is typically considered an emergency situation. Acute compartment syndrome is often caused by some type of injury like a fracture or… Read more »

Louisville Orthopedic Doctor Stacie Grossfeld MD Receives Special Honor from University of Louisville

Louisville orthopedic doctor Stacie Grossfeld MD received a special Departmental Award from the University of Louisville School of Medicine’s Department of Family and Geriatric Medicine. Each year U of L’s Department of Family and Geriatric Medicine chooses one faculty member to receive this special Departmental Award. The Departmental Award is meant to honor a physician who exhibits dedication and… Read more »

Pain in the Shoulder could be Shoulder Impingement Syndrome – Learn more

Shoulder Impingement Syndrome – What is it and What can I do about it? Shoulder impingement syndrome is often characterized by pain in the shoulder when you reach up over your head.  It is caused by a narrowing of the area under the shoulder’s acromion. When the supraspinatus muscle in the shoulder gets compressed, it… Read more »

What is Patellar Instability? Learn More about your Knee Cap

Patellar instability or patellar subluxation happens when your kneecap does not slide evenly in your femoral groove area. The patella, commonly referred to as the knee cap, is comprised of three bones that join together to create what is called your knee joint. As your knee bends and straightens back out, the patella shifts up… Read more »

Learn more about Hamstring Injuries from Louisville Sports Medicine Doctor

The Facts about Hamstring Injuries – Causes and Prevention Hamstring injuries are a very common type of sports injury.  If you are suffering from a hamstring injury, it can be very frustrating, since hamstring injuries may take a considerable amount of time to fully heal. Hamstring injuries also tend to be quite painful. Many people suffering… Read more »

Orthopaedic Specialists earns A+ Ranking from Louisville Better Business Bureau BBB

Orthopaedic Specialists Receives Top Better Business Bureau Rating Orthopaedic Specialists in Louisville Kentucky is pleased to announce that we received an A+ Rating from the Better Business Bureau. The BBB provides letter grades for companies based on information received about the business. Letter grades are assigned to companies ranging from an F which is the… Read more »

Hamstring Injury from Football may be Hard to Predict, according to Sports Medicine Research

Football Sports Injuries like Hamstring Injury May Not Be Predictable Using Strength Testing Football players in the National Football League often suffer from some type of sports injury including hamstring injury. Strength testing administered to incoming NFL players did not help predict which players would suffer from a hamstring injury. The NFL Scouting Combine is viewed… Read more »

Sports Injuries in Children – Learn more about Common Sports Injuries for Kids

Sports Injuries in Children – Learn More With around 7.6 million high school kids in the U.S. participating in some type of sports activity, sports injuries in children are a genuine concern. There are a number of common sport-related injuries impacting this youth population during athletic participation.  While many sports injuries in children are considered… Read more »

Sports Medicine Doctors Explain that Sports Injuries Pose Risk for Less Active Kids

Sports Injuries a Risk for less active Kids, as noted by Sports Medicine Doctors. There is a lot of emphasis on the risk of sports injuries for kids involved in sports and athletics. It is important to note though, as emphasized by sports medicine doctors, that less active kids and those not typically engaged in organized sports or recreational… Read more »

ACL Injury Prevention Programs Benefit Youth Athletes – Learn about ACL Injury Prevention from Louisville Orthopedic

ACL Injury Prevention Programs Benefit Athletes As noted by Dr. Carter Mitchell (2013), programs focused on preventing ACL injuries are very important given the prevalence of ACL injury among athletes of all ages including youth athletes. ACL injury prevention programs focus on a number of issues including: increasing strength, endurance, stability and balance. After reviewing data… Read more »