Monthly Archives: April 2019

Employee of the Quarter: Lindsay Rhodus!

We are happy to announce our second employee of the quarter! Each employee of the quarter is voted on by the staff and receives a special bonus. Here are just a few of the reasons why the staff at Orthopaedic Specialists nominated Lindsay Rhodus to win this quarter: She works tirelessly on… Getting surgeries booked… Read more »

Norton Commons YMCA Campaign

Proud to be chair of the campaign at the Norton Commons YMCA. We exceeded our goal!! The hardworking board raised money to support 171 children at Safeplace, 47 cancer survivors to workout with Lifestrong, 88 children for the swim access program and 77 children for the youth sports program. The YMCA is WAY more than… Read more »

Osteoarthritis in the Knee

Osteoarthritis can affect any joint in your body. When arthritis occurs the cartilage that covers the ends of the bones and make up a joint, break down leaving the ends of the bone exposed. This causes pain, deformity, swelling and loss of range of motion. When non surgical treatment has failed, surgery is an option…. Read more »

Dislocated Knee Cap

It’s not good to completely dislocate your knee cap. When this occurs it can knock off pieces of the cartilage that covers the undersurface of the patella. Images below outlined in green show a piece of cartilage knocked off and were floating around the knee joint. The blue outline is the donor site.  

“Break A Leg”

In the spirit of the Hamilton tickets that went on sale in Louisville… I have never quite understood the phrase, “break a leg” as a good luck statement. Especially from an orthopedists point of view. This is what I envision when I hear that phrase… This image is of a person that broke a leg…. Read more »

Surgical Treatment Options for Knee Arthritis

Arthritis by definition is loss of the articular cartilage that covers the ends of the bone that make up different joints in your body. The knee is one of the largest joints in the body. Arthritis is caused by the natural aging process, morbid obesity, genetics and trauma. When non operative or conversation treatment has been… Read more »

Patient of The Month Teanna Curry

Teanna Curry is a 21 year old student athlete at Lindsey Wilson College where she plays the position of point guard for their basketball team. Teanna has a history of ACL injury in both her left and right knee. Her first ACL injury occurred in 2012 in her left knee, and she underwent surgery for… Read more »

What is Hyaluronic Acid?

This is an injection that is given for knee osteoarthritis. It is called by many names. Here are a few names my patients have called it: rooster comb injection, chicken fat shot, cock comb injection, jelly shot, gel shot, cushion injection, just to name a few… It’s brand name depending on the company that produces… Read more »

An Overview of The New Fitness Trend F45

Originating out of Australia, F45 is a group training facility designed to help members reach their health and fitness goals. With a new location now open in Middletown, Kentucky, those interested in a workout that offers structure, motivation as well as a sense of community, all in a realistic time frame, can attend classes starting… Read more »