Monthly Archives: April 2016

Dr. Grossfeld and Team Attend PNC Workshop for Business Women

The Orthopaedic Specialists’ management team, including Dr. Stacie Grossfeld (orthopedic medical practice owner) Tisha Robison (orthopedic medical practice manager) and Dorothy Cochran (assistant practice manager)) enjoyed participating in a workshop for Louisville, KY-area businesswomen sponsored by PNC and held at the PNC tower downtown. A presentation by Susan Packard was streamed in live to the meeting. Susan discussed her book: New… Read more »

Youth Sports Injuries and Sports Specialized Intensive Training

Nowadays many kids are focusing in on becoming very good in one sport. This often involves investing a considerable amount of time, effort and interest in this one sport. Additionally, many parents and teachers encourage a child to focus on one sport in order to develop a higher proficiency. Yet sports specialization comes with physical complications for some young athletes including a higher… Read more »

Louisville Doctors Present at the American Medical Society for Sports Medicine 2016 Conference

As the residents from the University of Louisville rotate through Dr. Grossfeld’s office they get to observe routine and sometimes very unique orthopedic cases. Over the years, some of the medical residents have used  these interesting and unusual cases to present at different medical conferences around the country. This year Dr. Brittney Richardson and Dr. Jennifer… Read more »

20 Running Tips and Injury Prevention Methods

Running Tips To Keep You On The Roads Injury prevention is an important topic for runners at every level, from beginners to long-time veterans. Louisville orthopedic surgeon and sports medicine physician Dr. Stacie Grossfeld has many years of experience treating common running injuries and helping runners continue to enjoy the sport they love. In this… Read more »

Patella Dislocation in High School Athletes

What is the risk of having a patella dislocation or subluxation among high school athletes in the United States? Many high school athletes, coaches, parents and physicians are discovering that the intensity and competition in high school athletics is growing every day. With this level of activity, it seems that athletes are more prone to… Read more »

NAWBO Louisville VIP Celebration Breakfast

As the recipient of the National Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO Louisville) 2016 Epic award for small business owners, Dr. Grossfeld celebrated with a VIP celebration breakfast held at Big Springs Country Club in Louisville, Kentucky. As owner of Orthopaedic Specialists, a sports medicine and orthopedic surgery medical practice with multiple locations in Louisville, KY, Dr…. Read more »