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A Comparison of ACL Injury Rates for Female Athletes Playing Lacrosse and Field Hockey

ACL Injury Rates for Female Athletes – Comparing Lacrosse and Field Hockey   Researchers led by Dr. Hillary J. Braun and colleagues looked at the differences in risk factors for ACL injuries for female athletes who are field hockey players compared to lacrosse players. Prior research has suggested that ACL injuries tend to be more common… Read more »

Boys Lacrosse Rules Promote Injury Prevention and Sports Injury Safety – More from Louisville Orthopedic

The National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS) issued new rules for Boys Lacrosse to  increase safety in the game. Recognizing what is described as a growing concern about the dangers of  concussions, boys lacrosse rules in 2013 have been revised to bolster safety by offering additional guidance about when penalties and even ejections… Read more »