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Does Undergoing ACL Reconstruction Surgery Help Your Knee in the Future?

ACL reconstruction surgery has been scientifically proven to provide more stability to your knee. This treatment option allows you to get back to your regular activities, sports and work responsibilities that may require twisting, turning and jumping. While acl reconstruction surgery has proven to be a positive outcome to treat ACL tears, some patients decide against undergoing ACL reconstruction surgery for various… Read more »

Treating Chronic Knee Pain – 7 Things You Can Do

Chronic knee pain can be debilitating and extremely frustrating, especially when it comes to physical activity. Knee pain is the result of one or many different causes. Age, injury, arthritis and excess weight can damage the cartilage inside the knee joint. Cartilage works like a cushion for your knee and over time it gets broken… Read more »

ACL Knee Surgery and Knee Injuries

Knee Surgeries and College Athletes – What are the effects of prior knee surgery including ACL knee surgery on subsequent injury, and surgery for NCAA college athletes? It is known that college athletes that have undergone knee surgery in the past are at risk for addition injuries to their knee. There is an excellent study by… Read more »

Knee Surgery Among College Athletes

Effects of knee surgery on a subsequent injury and surgery among NCAA college athletes Dr. Sharon Hume et al. published a very interesting article in the April 2014 issue of the American Journal  of Sports Medicine. She and her colleagues studied 456 Division 1 athletes at UCLA who had a history of an orthopaedic surgery procedure…. Read more »

MCL Injury in College Athletes

The medial collateral ligament (MCL) is a very important ligament in the knee. Situated on the inner side of the knee joint, the MCL is one of four knee ligaments. Many people suffer from an MCL injury at some point in time. The MCL injury is a common sports injury for athletes engaged in sports… Read more »