Patient of the Month Brie Postema

brie postemaMeet our patient of the month Brie Postema! Brie is currently a freshman at Virginia Tech and a member of their Division 1 volleyball team!

For Brie, the toughest part of having to navigate a new school during a pandemic, has been the lack of information about the upcoming season. “I’ve dealt with it by staying positive, working hard, being flexible, and focusing on what I can control.”
Her team’s training routine has been altered to prevent the spread of COVID and keep everyone safe. For the first two weeks, the team of 20 was divided into 3 small groups. “All our workouts and lifts were outside, and our times were staggered so each group went at a different time. For the last two weeks, our team was divided into 2 groups, and we moved some of our workouts to the indoor facilities.” As far as the upcoming volleyball season, Virginia Tech is planning on playing as of this publication. September 1st is the official start date of the season. “But we do not have any idea as to what that will look like yet,” says Brie.
Dr. Grossfeld has had the pleasure of helping Brie Postema work through sports injuries and return to training quickly. “She has helped me with sprained ankles, a broken arm, and a dislocated thumb. Dr. Grossfeld also brought F45 to Louisville, and F45 has been my main workout since it opened in 2019, especially during COVID when my volleyball season got cancelled. I credit F45 for increasing my fitness level and helping prepare me to hit the ground running when I started working out at Virginia Tech on July 9th.”