2016 USA Cycling Amateur Road Nationals Kicks Off with Social Event Hosted by Dr. Stacie Grossfeld

Dr. Grossfeld Hosts Social Event for Juniors Competing in 2016 USA Cycling Amateur Road Nationals in Louisville

2016 USA Cycling Amateur Road Nationals ParticipantsThe 2016 USA Cycling Amateur Road Nationals is taking place in Louisville, Kentucky, June 30, 2016 through July 3, 2016. Kids from all over the United States are in Louisville to participate in this annual event. The 2016 USA Cycling Amateur Road Nationals includes a criterium, road racing, time trials and a national championship. This cycling event is sponsored by Papa John’s.

In order to bring together kids from across the country, Louisville orthopedic and sports medicine doctor Stacie Grossfeld decided to kick off the event by hosting a special celebration at her home on Tuesday, June 29, 2016. The 2016 USA Cycling Youth Participants in Louisville KYevent included 90 youth cyclists representing top teams from all over the USA. Louisville-area youth in attendance included cyclists from the: Papa John’s Racing Team, Revolution Devo Cycling, Better Cycling of Louisville, Team Louisville, and TWENTY16.Kids participating in the 2016 USA Cycling Amateur Road Nationals

This special social event gave the kids participating in the 2016 USA Cycling Amateur Road Nationals the rare opportunity just to relax, socialize and get to know other cyclists and coaches from across the country.

Describing the event, Dr. Grossfeld explained: “In the
beginning, the kids were hanging out in small groups with their team members but after a little while, it was great to see that kids from all the teams were socializing together, playing tennis, basketball, swimming, eating, and just having a good time.”

Papa John's Youth Cycling Team

Cyclists on the Papa John’s Youth Cycling Team enjoy socializing before the kick off of the 2016 USA Cycling Amateur Road Nationals.

During the event, attendees enjoyed playing basketball, swimming, playing tennis, sharing stories, and eating….(and eating and eating). In fact, Dr. Grossfeld noted that this healthy, fit and active group of kids managed to eat over 100 hamburgers and buns, 30 pounds of fruit salad, 18 pounds of tortellini, 10 pounds of veggie trays , 3 mega bags of chips , 2 pounds of hummus, half pound of pesto, 10 pounds of french fries and 120 cookies!!!

Dr. Grossfeld is excited to have the chance to serve as the event doctor for the criterion race at the 2016 USA Cycling Amateur Road Nationals on Sunday, July 3, 2016.

The criterion will be held at Shawnee Park in Louisville, Kentucky. If you are in the Louisville, Kentucky-area during the event, come out and cheer on these talented junior cyclists.

Youth Cycling Coaches from across USA in Louisville for Cycling Competition

Coaches from the Hot Tubes Development Cycling Team, Inc., LUX/Stradling, professional cyclist Steve Tilford, the Hincapie Racing Team and others, enjoy socializing.