Ankle Sprains – An Overview of this Common Sports Injury

ankle sprains are a common sports injuryAnkle Sprain Injury – Ankle sprains are one of the most common types of injuries. Researchers led by Dr. Cailbhe Doherty and colleagues (2013) conducted a review of research on ankle sprain injuries, identifying a total of 144 separate studies.

Based on this meta-analysis, the researchers found that the sports with the highest rate of ankle injury were indoor and/or court sports like indoor soccer, basketball, or volleyball.

What is the most common type of ankle sprain injury for athletes?

Lateral ankle sprains were the most common type of ankle sprain injury. Lateral ankle sprains happen on the outside area of the ankle when a person’s lateral ligaments are pulled when their foot rolls.

Lateral ankle sprains happen when a volleyball or basketball player jumps into the air and lands unevenly on the court. They may also occur when a cross country runner turns an ankle after landing on uneven ground.

Different Types of Ankle Sprains

Ankle sprains are divided into different grades depending on severity. Grade 1 ankle sprains are the least severe. These ankle sprains happen when a person’s ligaments are pulled and have minor tearing. 

Grade 2 ankle sprains occur when a person’s ligaments are partially torn. Sometimes it is hard to walk with this type of ankle sprain.

The most severe type of sprained ankle, a grade 3 ankle sprain, is caused when a person’s ligaments tear completely. This is extremely painful and makes walking hard.

Some people who suffer from an ankle sprain may recover quickly, while others may experience prolonged declines in their overall performance. Ankle sprains can cause a significant amount of pain and swelling.

Ecchymosis (identified as reddish purple discolorations on the skin) is also not uncommon for people suffering from ankle sprains. Other interesting findings in this sports medicine research include the fact that females were more likely than their male counterparts to experience an ankle sprain. Also, ankle injuries were more common among kids than teenagers and adults.


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