Dr. Grossfeld Picked for Pumpkin Decorating Contest

dr-grossfeld-next-to-pumpkin-from-pumpkin-decorating-contestMetro Specialty Surgery Center in Louisville, Kentucky is having a pumpkin decorating contest and guess who’s face they chose to decorate as a pumpkin? Dr. Grossfeld!

The Details to Making Dr. Grossfeld

The nurses decided that they wanted to decorate a pumpkin that looks like one of the doctors. They felt that Dr.Grossfeld’s wardrobe, jewelry and glasses would be somewhat iconic. Plus, they said they really wanted to do a female surgeon and since Dr. Grossfeld is the only one, she became the model for the pumpkin.

Patty Morgan was instrumental in determining the supplies to use for the pumpkin decorating contest. Confetti was used to make the curly hair because that gave volume to the hair underneath an operating room cap!! Though it was difficult to find cat eye glasses, they popped out the lenses of some sunglasses and dazzled the rims.

And of course, Dr. Grossfeld’s look-a-like pumpkin also includes lots of pretty beads (from the Family Dollar) and pink lipstick (which actually worked surprisingly well).