Elite Ballet Dancers During Winter – Does Vitamin D Supplement Make a Difference?

ballet dancers and vitamin D supplement

Vitamin D Supplement and Ballet Dancers

A research team led by Dr. Matthew Wyon and colleagues (2013) looked at the effect that a vitamin D supplement had on two dozen classical ballet dancers during winter training months in order to better understand the effect of low exposure to sunlight.

Researchers found that the dancers who took the four month Vitamin D supplement had statistically significant increases in vertical jump and isometric strength compared to those who did not take the Vitamin D supplement.

Researchers concluded that taking a vitamin D supplement during the winter months (when vitamin D levels are characteristically low due to time spent indoors) had a positive effect for professional ballet dancers in the study in terms of  both the rate of injury and muscle performance. For more info, see https://www.jsams.org/article/S1440-2440(13)00055-8/abstract.

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