Quick Facts About Football Injuries

Attn. Football Fans…This excellent review article about Football Injuries was published in October 2016 by the American Journal of Orthopedics, and authored by Paul Rothenberg, M.D. and colleagues. Follow along for 18 interesting facts about football injuries!

18 Facts To Know About Football & Football Injuries:

  1. Football is the most popular sport in the U.S.
  2. The number of males who played football is greater than the combined number of males and females who participate in track and field or basketball. Football facts, Football injuries
  3. Football has the highest injury rate among popular American sports.
  4. Football injuries are more likely to occur during games and to require surgery.
  5. Knee injuries are the most type of football injuries.
  6. Three of the more common knee injuries in football include the medial collateral ligament injury, ACL injury and PCL injury.
  7. Football players are four times more likely to sustain an ACL injury than athletes participating in other sports.
  8. Football ACL injuries are higher energy injuries that in other sports.
  9. Football ACL injuries are frequently associated with damage to additional structures including the meniscus and other ligaments in the chondral surface.
  10. The incidence of ACL injury increases with the level of competition in football.
  11. The most common position that is at high risk for ACL injuries are running backs, linebackers, tight ends and wide receivers.
  12. Return to play after ACL surgery in football ranges from 40 to 80%.
  13. The medial collateral ligament is the most common injury sustained to the knee in football players.
  14. When it comes to football injuries, most MCL injuries are treated non-surgically.
  15. The more severe the MCL injury, the more likely it is associated with additional ligament injuries to the knee. The most common being an ACL tear.
  16. The PCL is a much stronger ligament then the ACL. PCL injuries occur secondary to an ACL injury when the athlete has their knee hyperflexed or they experience a direct blow to the tibia/shin in a flexed position.
  17. In football, PCL injuries typically/most commonly occur secondary to a contact mechanism.
  18. The PCL injury is typically caused by a contact injury which means commonly there are other associated injuries such as ACL, and MCL.