Hamstring Injury from Football may be Hard to Predict, according to Sports Medicine Research

football-players-sports-injuries-hamstring-injuryFootball Sports Injuries like Hamstring Injury May Not Be Predictable Using Strength Testing

Football players in the National Football League often suffer from some type of sports injury including hamstring injury.

Strength testing administered to incoming NFL players did not help predict which players would suffer from a hamstring injury.

The NFL Scouting Combine is viewed as an important opportunity for coaches to gauge player ability and potential.

Sometimes a players potential also involves their likelihood of suffering from sports injuries like hamstring injury.

Sports medicine research published in the American Journal of Sports Medicine and led by John E. Zvijac and colleagues analyzed the training records of football players to understand whether there was any way to predict hamstring injury in football players before it happened.

While football player position was associated with sports injury, data on the football players’ physical strength in terms of hamstrings and quadriceps, was not helpful in terms of predicting a hamstring injury.

Researchers did note that athletes in positions that involve considerable amounts of running also yielded higher injury rates. Learn more about this research on predicting football injuries.



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