Louisville Orthopedic Surgeon on Physical Activity and Aging Athletes – Injuries Common to Baby Boomers

Looking at aging athletes that are part of the baby boomer generation, Dr. Jeffrey Prescott and Dr. Joseph Yu concluded that many baby boomers expect to continue exercise routines as they age which may lead to an increase in exercise-induced injuries.

Focusing  their research on legs and feet, Prescott and Yu (2012) worked to understand the factors that may predispose older athletes to some conditions that affect bones, tendons, and muscles.  Specific conditions they identified as common among aging athletes include the following:

  1. Proximal and Distal Calf pain
  2. Strain in Muscles
  3. Knee Osteonecrosis
  4. Metatarsalgia and Pain in Feet, and
  5. Plantar Fasciitis.

To read their entire report titled “The Aging Athlete: Part 1, ‘Boomeritis’ of the Lower Extremity” see https://ajrapp.arrs.org/arrs.ajr/199/3/10_2214-AJR_12_8912.html

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