Meet Louisville Fitness Expert and Certified Personal Trainer Cindy Geer

Louisville Certified Personal Trainer Cindy GeerGrowing up with a background in sports, coaching and maintaining a healthy lifestyle, perhaps it is not surprising that Cindy Geer’s career path is built around fitness training and mentoring. At 54 years old, Cindy Geer has always been an active woman. For years, she kept busy with the responsibilities of raising three children, teaching, and enjoying her own athletic pursuits. Now, Geer spends much of her time training young women of Louisville to become healthier, stronger individuals.

Along with offering private fitness training to Louisville-area residents, Geer runs a unique program called Train Like A Girl through The Training Studio at 1348 River Road. This fitness training program offers a fun and supportive environment for young women ages 12 to 18 with diverse athletic backgrounds. Geer’s main goal is to create fun and supportive environment while helping girls improve in areas of strength, power and core stability.

When Geer’s youngest started college, she began training for half marathons and working with a personal trainer of her own. Her trainer, Dale Benedict, whom she still works out with, was the first to approach her and encourage her journey into fitness training. Geer was skeptical at first because of the extra education involved, but as her own body transformed through fitness training, her passion for sharing her knowledge with others pushed her to earn numerous certifications. She is a Certified Personal Trainer through the American Council on Exercise and a certified TRX trainer.

With the help of The Training Studio, Geer has developed her Train Like A Girl program into a growing business. She began working with five field hockey players, focusing on strengthening the whole body as well as sports injury prevention.  Now Geer works with 10 girls every session, featuring an interval style of training that includes cardio and strength. Geer says, “It started being geared towards athletic girls to help them in their sports, but now it is more about girls that want to get into shape and feel good about themselves.”

Many Train Like A Girl participants haven’t had an athletic upbringing, but that doesn’t make a difference. Geer sees her training style as something available for everyone and she works towards offering individual attention in each class. Her program is open to people at any level of athleticism. Although some might be more advanced, every girl has the ability to train and improve.

In addition to her career as a fitness trainer, Geer is currently working on a nutrition degree though Precision Nutrition. She encourages the girls that she works with to lead a healthy lifestyle outside of the training facility, by getting enough protein, eating plenty of fruits and vegetables, and drinking lots of water. Her program isn’t about weight loss or some number on the scale, but more about improving health, strength and fitness, while cultivating esteem and self-confidence. Geer explains: “You want to be fit and strong like a girl. I’m a girl. I’m strong and fit.”

Along with being a fitness trainer, Geer finds herself in the role of mentor as well. She likes to provide a comfortable place for girls to work out and have fun. She has a close relationship with every girl in her studio, and she has a great time seeing the improvements participants make over the course of the six week program.

Geer is a great example of a person who loves their work. When asked how she stays motivated to keep up her own fitness routine, Geer explains: “I’m motivated because it makes me so happy. I have so much energy when I’m doing what I’m doing. This is why I’m so motivated…I feel so good and energetic.”

The next Train Like A Girl class is gearing up to begin March 3. To sign up for her program or to learn more about Cindy Geer, visit The Training Studio OR email her at