Nick Sarantis ATSC Offers Fitness Training Seminar at YMCA

Dr. Grossfeld Attends YMCA Lecture on Training Methods by Nick Sarantis ATSC

Baptist Sports Medicine Nick Sarantis at YMCADr. Grossfeld recently attended a seminar on sports medicine given by Nick Sarantis, ATSC. The seminar was given to the fitness instructors at the Norton Commons YMCA. The purpose of the lecture was to talk about training methods.

Nick’s lecture was comprehensive and very informative. For example, one section of the lecture focused on giving excellent information on core strengthening. He stressed that the core muscles make up the foundation of the body and assist in injury prevention. He also emphasized that the core needs to be rehabbed after injury treatment. The foundation of our muscle function in sport starts at the core.

He also talked about certain core exercises that were bad to do such as crunches and Russians, because they put a significant amount of stress on the lumbar spine. He talked about other exercises that are excellent for the core and are safe such as planks.Nick Sarantis talks at YMCA Norton Commons

The importance of strengthening your gluteus muscles was also emphasized because that also reinforces core strength.

Nick informed the fitness instructors at the Norton Commons YMCA about the benefits of working unilateral exercises. He also provided medical reasons why intervals are important to the workout regimen. And he offered guidance about how to organize exercises.

Exercise organization should be a progression, as explained by Nick. For example, it’s easier to do a box jump then jumping over a box. The progression in working out should start with the core, and then go to the upper body and finally, the lower body.

Dr. Grossfeld is a board member of the Norton Commons YMCA and a very active gym member. She is typically there 5 to 6 days a week doing her daily fitness workouts which consist of spin class and lifting weights.