Pediatric ACL Injuries and Sports-Related Injuries

Pediatric ACL Injuries and sports-related injuries are a concern to parents, coaches, teachers, kids and physicians. As part of my work as a physician, I focus on trying to educate young athletes about injury prevention. For more information on ACL injury prevention, check out my recent video series.

Preventing Pediatric ACL Injuries

Louisville orthopedic and sports medicine physician Dr. Stacie Grossfeld is an expert at diagnosing and treating ACL injuries. Watch her new video series to learn more about ACL injuries and ACL injury prevention.

Follow along for more information about the latest research on pediatric acl injuries and sports injuries published in the JBJS, by Dr. D.M. Kelly and colleagues in February 2017, titled: Pediatric ACL Injuries and Sports Related Injuries in the Young Adult Patient.

Research Highlights on Pediatric ACL Injuries and Sports Injuries:

  • Overuse injuries in children and adolescents who compete in sports continues to be a serious issue.
  • High school athletes who specialize early reported more overuse injuries than those who did not.
  • Athletes in a large school were more likely to specialize in a single sport (over 8 months per year). They were also more likely to report more knee injuries and overuse injuries.
  • ACL injury prevention programs along with general sports injury prevention programs will reduce injury rates.
  • Girls are 1.6 times more likely to sustain an ACL tear than boys, based on the research.
  • The highest risk sports for ACL injuries are: soccer, football, basketball and lacrosse.
  • Participation in competitive sports significantly increases the risk of an ACL tear for youth.
  • Competitive female athletes carried 5 times the risk of tearing an ACL compared with their noncompetitive female counterparts.
  • Competitive male athletes carried a 4 times higher risk of sustaining an ACL injury compared to their non competitive counterparts.

The risks associated with an ACL injury or sports injury for youth athletes are a serious concern. If you are a parent of a youth athlete, it is advisable to learn more about sports injury prevention programs. And if your child experiences some type of sports injury, including an ACL tear, get the help of an experienced sports medicine doctor.

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