Physical Activity for Kids: Why Are More Kids Less Active?

physical activity for kids includes ice hockeyA study led by Dr. Sandra Ortlieb and colleagues looked at factors that affect physical activity for kids in an effort to create successful interventions aimed at increasing physical activity levels. The research study included data on 1,843 girls and 1,997 boys.

Researchers found that body mass index (BMI), parental education, household income, number of siblings, TV/PC consumption, and method of arriving to school were NOT significantly associated with physical activity for kids.

Factors that did have an influence on children’s physical activity included:

  1. Gender. For example, 10 year old girls were less active than boys, especially in regards to vigorous physical activity.
  2. Sports Club Membership. Children who were members of sports clubs were also more active than those who were not, especially during the winter.
  3. Area of Residence. Kids who lived in rural environments were more likely to be moderately active,  especially during the winter.
  4. Amount of Time Spent Outside. More time spent outside increases physical activity for all kids, especially in the summer.
  5. Emotional Health. Finally, kids with unusual emotional issues were less physically active than those without emotional issues, especially in the winter.

Learn more about this interesting and important research on reasons for inactivity among kids.

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