Five Ways to Prevent Tennis Elbow as a Tennis Player

1. Purchase a racket that is flexible. Stiff, high power level rackets will transmit the force the ball produces when it strikes the racket up to the elbow area, irritating the common extensor tendon.
2. Use strings that are poly filament. A monofilament string tends to increase the force on the players elbow.
3. Have your tennis pro string your racket about 2 to 3 pounds lower than normal.
4. Over wrap the grip on your racket by one or two layers. A smaller grip encourages and transmits more tension on the common extensor tendon when holding the racket.
5. Take a lesson from your friendly tennis pro. How many times have you watched a major tennis tournament on television or live and saw one of the pro players wearing a tennis elbow band. You don’t. Because they have perfect technique. Hitting the ball late can contribute to tennis elbow.