Centre College’s Student Intern Sean Gilpatrick

We recently had the pleasure of having Sean Gilpatrick as our Student Intern from Centre College! As an intern, Sean was able to shadow Dr. Stacie Grossfeld during her regular office hours as well as in surgery. 

“I gained valuable knowledge on diagnosing patients and treatments for certain injuries. Watching Dr. Grossfeld’s surgeries gave me a better understanding of the human body. I was even able to talk to some anesthesiologists about the process of preparing the patient for surgery and got the opportunity to watch surgeries like Rotator Cuff repairs, an Achilles repair, one treating Carpal Tunnel syndrome, an ACL repair, and many more. It was a very enjoyable experience that gave me valuable knowledge to help further my pursuits in becoming a physician.”

As always, we enjoy working with both medical residents and interns. It’s encouraging to see more and more college students choosing a career path in health and science, and we are glad to mentor them in anyway possible! To learn more about how you can participate in an Internship with Dr. Stacie Grossfeld or the many other programs available to medical students, just visit our website or call our office at 502-212-2663!