Exciting Things Happening at YMCA Norton Commons

YMCA Norton Commons A Popular Fitness Spot

YMCA Norton Commons Swimming Pool for families

YMCA Norton Commons Swimming Pool. Photo Credit: YMCA.

This December, it’s predicted that the Norton Commons YMCA, located at 11000 Brownsboro Rd, Prospect, KY 40059, will have 500,000 member check-ins for the calendar year. This equates to 1.52 visits every minute. With 11,000 total members, representing 4,000 households, that’s A LOT of people using the YMCA Norton Commons. And this is up from 461,837 visitor check-ins during 2015.

Like other area-YMCAs, the facility offers a wide variety of activities including swim lessons and group fitness classes, plenty of exercise equipment, an indoor track and kids camps. But unlike many other YMCA branches, the YMCA Norton Commons has also forged an interesting partnership with the Jefferson County Public School system. This is one of very few YMCAs in the country that offers this type of partnership.

YMCA Norton Commons Partners with Jefferson County Public Schools

While the partnership between the YMCA Norton Commons and JCPS is quite extensive, one of the most unique projects probably involves the shared gymnasium.

Norton Commons Elementary

Norton Commons Elementary – Photo Credit: Jefferson County Public Schools.

Norton Commons Elementary School and the YMCA Norton Commons split the expense of a gymnasium and created a facility that connects to both of the organizations.

The shared gym has more amenities than either organization would have been able to offer independently. This includes a stage and retractable bleachers with motion-sensor lighting.

The close proximity between the two organizations, including the shared gymnasium, has facilitated many more opportunities to impact health and education for area school children. Here are a few things that the YMCA is offering in partnership with JCPS:

  1. Swim lessons for 2nd graders at Norton Commons
  2. Cross Country Program led by the UMCA
  3. Workout Wednesday led by a YMCA instructor
  4. Robotics STEM program led by a YMCA staff person
  5. SACC “WOW” events led by the branch staff
  6. Weight Loss & Diabetes Prevention held at school
  7. Teen Leaders meeting held at school
  8. After school soccer clinic (coming this Spring)

As many of you already know, Dr. Grossfeld is very active with the YMCA Norton Commons. Not only is she a regular participant in early morning spin classes, but she’s also a member of the Board of Directors. Seeing this type of innovation that drives physical activity and healthy living for area children is truly inspiring to all of us at Orthopaedic Specialists. Stay tuned for more updates about the YMCA Norton Commons in the months ahead!