10 Facts About Osteoarthritis on World Arthritis Day

World Arthritis Day 2015louisville orthopedic provides facts about osteoarthritis

Arthritis affects millions of people around the world. And nearly 40 million Americans have some kind of arthritis including millions of children. Over 20 million people in the U.S. have osteoarthritis.

Osteoarthritis is a joint disease characterized by the degeneration of joint cartilage in your body. It can affect any of your joints including hands, hips and knees. Follow along to learn more important facts about osteoarthritis from Louisville orthopedic Dr. Stacie Grossfeld.

Top 10 Facts about Osteoarthritis

  1. Osteoarthritis causes the breakdown of articular cartilage. Articular cartilage covers the ends of the long bones that form a joint.
  2. Osteoarthritis is progressive: it advances with time.
  3. Osteoarthritis is currently irreversible.
  4. Osteoarthritis causes swelling and joint enlargement.
  5. Treatment goals are to control joint swelling and pain, and to maintain range of motion and strength.
  6. Obesity is associated with osteoarthritis.
  7. There are specific exercises that are for osteoarthritis. These exercises help maintain strength and range of motion.
  8. Supplements such a glucosamine may help reduce osteoarthritic symptoms.
  9. Injections that help to reduce osteoarthritic symptoms are cortisone and hyaluronic acid.
  10. Joint replacement is reserved for people with osteoarthritis who have failed non-surgical treatment options.

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