Acrobatic Gymnastics Injury, and Sports Injuries from Trampoline and Tumbling

Sports Injuries like Gymnastics InjuryScientific researchers led by Grapton and Colleagues (2013) looked at sports injuries like gymnastics injury, trampoline injuries and injuries from tumbling over a 5 year period of time.

Researchers specifically analyzed data on 357 traumatic injury events to understand a variety of factors including the following:

  1. Type of accident
  2. Level of athletic expertise
  3. Location of the sports / gymnastics injury
  4. Bodily tissue injured
  5. Possible external factors involved in the injury incident.

Injuries from acrobatic sports like gymnastic injury tended to be concentrated on the lower limbs and were predominantly ligament injuries. Injuries to the knees and forearms were more commonly associated with individuals engaged in using the trampoline. Tumblers were more likely, in contrast, to suffer from some type of ankle injury, sprain or fracture.

Those engaged in acrobatic gymnastics or “ACRO” –were more likely than others to experience some type of gymnastics injury to the wrist.  Both trampoline and ACRO participation was linked to upper limb tendon and bone injuries.

Interestingly, researchers concluded that injuries in acrobatic sports to lower limbs were very similar to injuries typical in traditional gymnastics injury also known as “artistic” gymnastics. Injuries tend to result from factors that include:

  • Falls of some type
  • Incomplete or incorrect landings
  • The type of landing surface. 

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