Best Shoes for Travel

Best shoes for travel5 Tips for the Best Shoes for Travel –

Whether you are going on vacation, or traveling for business, learn 5 helpful tips for the best shoes to pack for travel.

1. Bring shoes you can slip in and out of easily. If you are flying, this is especially helpful at the airport, making it easier to go through security.

2. Pack flip flops to wear in your resort, condo or hotel shower so that you do not pick up a foot fungus.

3.  If you are in a sunny location, the best shoes for travel cover the tops of your feet or apply sun block to this easily overlooked area. The skin on the top of the feet is very sensitive and can burn easily when exposed to sun.

4. If you are wearing new sandals, remember to throw some band aids into your bag just in case you start to develop a blister. The top part of your foot is very sensitive and new sandals may have different pressure points that cause your skin to tear.

5. If you are traveling to a cold / winter destination, it is important to make sure that your boots are slightly larger and definitely not smaller than your regular shoe size. Tight shoes or boots in cold weather results in colder toes.

The best shoes for travel provide plenty of comfort and support so that you can stay active and have fun during your get-a-way without suffering from foot pain or discomfort.

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