Compartment Syndrome – Learn the Facts from Louisville Orthopedic and Sports Medicine Physician Dr. Stacie Grossfeld

Compartment Syndrome is a medical condition that occurs when a person’s blood supply is not sufficient enough to give adequate oxygen to the body’s muscles and nerves.

Acute compartment syndrome is very serious, and is typically considered an emergency situation. Acute compartment syndrome is often caused by some type of injury like a fracture or a serious muscle bruise. If not treated properly and quickly, it can lead to severe damage in the muscle.

Another type of compartment syndrome, exertional compartment syndrome, also called chronic compartment syndrome, is typically caused by some type of physical exertion, for example, during competitive athletic play. Generally people suffering from exertional or chronic compartment syndrome may feel a numb sensation. They may also have difficulty moving the affected area and experience swelling in the muscle.

During compartment syndrome, bleeding or swelling happens inside a bodily compartment. This may include bodily areas like the leg, hands, feet and arms. This is caused by an increase in pressure in one of your bodily limbs like your leg or arm.

Acute compartment syndrome requires immediate surgical intervention. Depending on the severity, chronic compartment syndrome may be treated without surgery using physical therapy and other methods. In some cases, surgical treatment may be recommended to open the fascia to provide more space for the swelling muscles.

If you are suffering from chronic compartment syndrome, you can contact orthopedic surgeon and sports medicine doctor like Stacie Grossfeld MD at Orthopaedic Specialists in Louisville, KY, for an appointment and more information including treatment options.

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