Dr. Stacie Grossfeld Receives a Gag Calendar from Metro Specialty Surgery Center Colleagues

Dr. Stacie Grossfeld, of Orthopaedic Specialists in Louisville, KY, was given a very special gift from her colleagues at the Metro Specialty Surgery Center in Jeffersonville, Indiana – a gag calendar. Her colleagues went to great lengths to capture the personality of Dr. Grossfeld by secretly dressing up in her various outfits throughout 2017.

Here are the two masterminds behind this creative venture Jill and Brittney pictured below (left and right respectively).

Talking about creating the calendar, Jill explains, “It was a lot of work – but it was so worth it! Dr. Grossfeld is the only female surgeon at Metro … so she is the only female in a whole team of guys. And we can’t help but notice how GREAT she always looks. She has her own unique sense of style and she always stands out and puts her personality into every outfit she wears. One day we were joking around and we told Dr. Grossfeld that we’d love to try one something she was wearing. She immediately said ‘go ahead’ and so that was the beginning of this great idea!”

Similarly, Brittney explained: “Dr. Grossfeld has this outrageous fashion sense. Whenever she comes to work, we all can’t help but get excited by the different things she puts together and wears. One day we casually mentioned wanting to try something of hers on and she just said ‘sure, go ahead’ … We all love working with her and we also all think she has awesome clothes. When we got the idea to take pictures and make something creative for her, everyone wanted to be a part of it, even many of the guys!”

Somehow everyone managed to keep this effort a complete secret and Dr. Grossfeld was presented with her new calendar a few weeks ago!

Follow along to check out Dr. Grossfeld’s personalized 2018 calendar!

Patty is a scrub tech who just retired and was memorialized in the calendar wearing Dr. Grossfeld’s dress!

Sarah is one of Dr. Grossfeld’s scrub techinicians pictured here in Dr. Grossfeld’s fur!

Here’s Carol – who works in SPD cleaning instruments and preparing surgical trays – in one of Dr. Grossfeld’s outfits head to toe.

Cassie is one of the nurses at Orthopaedic Specialists wearing one of Dr. Grossfeld’s outfits including one of her favorite shawls.

This is one of the product representatives that supplies our arthroscopy equipment dressed in Dr. Grossfeld’s dress and scrub cap.

Jolene is in charge of cleaning all the office instruments and is wearing one of Dr. Grossfeld’s matching Chanel suits.

Here is Dr. Nawab wearing one of Dr. Grossfeld’s Lily Pulitzer dresses.

This is Jill, one of the lovely ladies who put the calendar together for Dr. Grossfeld!

This is Terry, an OR nurse who works with Dr. Grossfeld, wearing one of her Derby dresses!

Here is Fran, an amazing OR nurse who also does a lot of exotic travelling! Her calendar image’s inspiration came from her trip to Alaska last year!

Brittney is an awesome surgical technician who is pictured wearing one of Dr. Grossfeld’s fur coats.

Michelle is the nurse manager and while you can’t see it very well, she is wearing one of Dr. Grossfeld’s black dresses.

Dr. Matt Price is pictured here wearing one of Dr. Grossfeld’s blazers.

The gal on the left is Michelle and she is the nurse manager of the Surgery Center. The gal on the right is Brittany who is a great scrub technician that Dr. Grossfeld works with all the time. They are both wearing her famous Pucci pants that they had to search through hundreds of photographs for to find a picture of Dr. Grossfeld in.

This photo is Andrew who does materials management and is also the x-ray technician at the Orthopaedic Specialists Surgicenter. Thankfully he isn’t wearing Dr. Grossfeld’s Stuart Weitzman boots, but they were Photoshopped onto him!