10 Facts About Arthritis You Should Know

arthritis is painful10 Facts About Arthritis You Should Know

1. More than one in five American adults has been diagnosed with some kind of arthritis.

2. Arthritis is one of the biggest reasons for disability.

3. Arthritis is divided into two major categories – arthritis caused by use and arthritis caused by inflammation.

4. Osteoarthritis is the most common kind of arthritis in the United States.

5. Kentucky is ranked in the top three states in the United States for rates of arthritis based on CDC data.

6. Arthritis includes many different diseases and conditions that impact your joints.

7. Females are more likely than males to suffer from some type of arthritis.

8. Gout is a type of arthritis that tends to be more common in men than in women.

9. There are a variety of things most people with arthritis can do to improve function and alleviate pain including some types of physical activity programs and certain medications.

10. Some forms of arthritis tend to run in families.

For more important facts about arthritis, see important information from physician groups including the National Institute of Health and news agencies. Find out specific information about arthritis in Kentucky along with CDC research about arthritis.


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