Fatalities and Football – Researchers Identify Reasons including Football Injuries

Fatalities Linked to Football – According to research led by Boden and colleagues (2013) and published in the American Journal of Sports  Medicine, football related injuries are rare but they do occur with around 12 per year or 1 in 100,000  participating players.

Studying data from 1990 to 2010, these researchers reviewed the cases of just over  240 athletes who lost their lives due to a football related injury or accident. Researchers found that  indirect systemic causes were two times more common than blunt force trauma in leading to a football related fatality.

Cardiac failure was among the most common cause of football related death along with  brain injuries and heat related illness.

Risks associated with sickle cell trait (SCT) fatalities were  also discussed.

Injury prevention, early diagnosis and treatment of any of these types of conditions and  circumstances are emphasized. Read more about research on football injuries and fatalities.

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