Tumbling, Trampoline and Acrobatic Gymnastics – Louisville Orthopedic on Gymnastics Injury

gymnastics injuryResearch led by Xavier Grapton (2013) and colleagues examined gymnastics injury information induced by tumbling, trampoline usage, and acrobatic gymnastics. Over a 5 year period, researchers looked at 357 traumatic events in acrobats and gymnastics injuries were identified based on the location of the gymnastics injury, the type of tissue injured, and causation.

Researchers found that gymnastic injuries related to acrobatic moves typically occur in lower limbs and often involve ligament related damage. Wrist injuries tend to be common among acrobatic athletes. Trampoline related injuries involved the knees or forearm while gymnastic injuries involving tumblers proved to be more ankle related. Researcher found landing-induced gymnastics injuries common across all activities and involved incorrect form, as well as, the landing surface.

In Conclusion

In conclusion, researchers found that the most significant injuries that occur in acrobatic sports are similar to artistic gymnastic injuries. Most injuries result from falling and incorrect or incomplete landings. Research documents clearly stated that landing surface also greatly impacts the possibility of injury in gymnasts and acrobats.

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