Hamstring Injury from Soccer? Injury Rate Differences between Men and Women – Learn more from Sports Medicine Louisville

Hamstring Injury Rates and Male and Female Soccer Players

Many soccer players experience a hamstring injury or strain and this common sports injury frequently reoccurs.

Looking at hamstring injury rates, researchers led by Dr. Kevin M. Cross and colleagues (2013) compared male and female college student soccer players.

Study findings reveal that male soccer players were 64% more likely than female players to experience a hamstring strain. Men were more likely than women to experience a hamstring injury during both practices and games.

While gender differences were not evident in the preseason period, there were notable gender differences during the soccer season. Researchers concluded that male collegiate soccer players have significantly higher rates of hamstring strains than women. Creating targeted rehabilitation and preventive programs was recommended. https://ajs.sagepub.com/content/early/2013/02/13/0363546513475342.abstract

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