Independent Medical Examinations in Louisville Kentucky Provided by Louisville Orthopedic Surgeon Dr. Stacie Grossfeld

Did you know that Dr. Grossfeld has 12 years of experience conducting independent medical examinations or IMEs?

An Independent Medical Examination or IME is when a medical care provider like a physician who has never been responsible for a person’s medical care conducts an objective examination of the person.

There are many times when an independent medical evaluation might be conducted. For example, people sometimes request an independent medical examination to determine the extent of work or accident related injuries.

Independent Medical Examinations are performed while following all standard medical ethics and physician codes of conduct.  An independent medical examination is meant to be impartial. Doctors performing an independent medical examination are meant to be neutral and unbiased.

Medical care providers that conduct IMEs typically provide a medical examination but they do not provide medical treatment to the individual. An IME typically involves some type of report or documentation that details the findings of the medical examination.

Sometimes an IME is requested in order to determine a diagnosis or to document a clinical course of treatment. For more information about Dr. Grossfeld’s work providing Independent Medical Examinations, please call 502-212-2663.

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