Louisville Orthopedic Team Supports Breast Cancer Awareness

Louisville orthopedic practice supports breast cancer awarenessThe entire team at Orthopaedic Specialists in Louisville, Kentucky, is dedicated to supporting Breast Cancer Awareness and to finding a CURE for breast cancer and every other type of cancer too. We’ve got some very personal reasons why we are wearing PINK this month that we’d like to share with you…

Lindsay Rhodus – “I wear pink! I wear pink for ALL the women who have fought and lost, I wear pink for ALL who have fought and won, I wear pink for ALL who will fight, I wear pink for families, friends, moms, dads, brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles, cousins, and co-workers, I wear pink TO FIND A CURE!”

Angel McDowell – “I wear pink to support the fight against breast cancer. I represent my mother who lost her fight with ovarian cancer 3 years ago, so I will give my all to support the fight to find a cure for cancer.”

Rhonda King – “I wear PINK in honor of my mom who passed away 12 years ago from Metastatic Breast Cancer at the age of 56.”

Dr. Stacie Grossfeld – “I wear pink for all my girlfriends that are fighting this disease. It is in support of them and their families, and to promote cancer research.”

Dorothy Cochran – “I wear Pink for my Grandma Dorothy who passed away 35 years ago after a very long battle. Although I have never had the opportunity to meet her, I know she was a fighter and I’m happy to have been named after her. I support the cure for her!”

Heather Hardiman – “I wear pink for my very good friend Ginny, she is a 2 time survivor!”

Angel Porter – “I wear pink for my “sis” Glenda!!”

Tisha Robison – “I wear pink for my aunts and friends who have gone through and will go through this battle. I wear pink to remind myself and others to do the testing and to never give up on the fight!”

Marti Spencer – “I wear pink for my very good friend Tammi Poole. She is the bravest woman I have ever met in my life. I watched her during her struggle and the effects it had on her mentally, physically, emotionally as well as the effect it had on her family. She was always positive, upbeat and STRONG!!! She is now in remission and has kicked Cancer’s tail!!! She is my Hero!!!!”

Jennifer Yocum – “I wear pink to support all women who are fighting this horrific disease and to remind all of us to perform monthly breast exams, get yearly exams by a physician and mammograms.”

Meghan Dawson – “I wear pink for Aunt Amy & Aunt Bridget who are both Breast Cancer survivors!”

orthopedic team supports breast cancer awareness