Sports Medicine Doctors Explain that Sports Injuries Pose Risk for Less Active Kids

Sports Injuries a Risk for less active Kids, as noted by Sports Medicine Doctors. There is a lot of emphasis on the risk of sports injuries for kids involved in sports and athletics. It is important to note though, as emphasized by sports medicine doctors, that less active kids and those not typically engaged in organized sports or recreational activities are also at risk for various sports injuries.

As noted by sports medicine doctors and scientific researchers, kids not involved in sports activities are still at risk for sports injuries. In fact, it is possible that less active kids are at an even higher risk of sports injury.

Dr. Cordelia Carter and Dr. Lyle Micheli (2013) conclude in their research study that overweight kids and children that are not as physically conditioned as more active peers, are at a higher risk for sports-related injuries.

Some of the reasons for this increased risk of sports injury as noted by sports medicine doctors may include weaker postural control which causes difficulties with coordination and balance, muscle fatigue, and delayed motor learning.

The most common sports injuries for kids that are not as physically active or physically conditioned include ankle sprains and knee injuries like MCL tears. Injuries to the teeth are also common.




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