Orthopedic Injuries in Musicians and Dancers – Learn more from Louisville Orthopedic Surgeon

Research on orthopedic injuries in musicians and dancers reveals that certain orthopedic injuries are particularly common among these types of artists.  Research by orthopedic surgeon Dr. A.B.M. Rietveld published in Clinical Rheumatology (2013) specializes in treating orthopedic injuries in musicians and dancers and identifies some of the most common types of orthopedic injuries.

During medical assessment for orthopedic injuries in musicians, it is recommended that musicians play their particular instrument during diagnosis since factors like posture, stability in the shoulder and trunk and other habits are an important part of the physical examination, diagnosis and treatment recommendations.

Common orthopedic injuries in musicians include those stemming from posture-related issues like Cervicobrachialgia.  Individuals experiencing Cervicobrachialgia often experience symptoms that include neck pain that may extend into the arm, and thoracic outlet syndrome is also not uncommon. Hand related conditions like osteoarthritis are also found among musicians.

Dancer’s more often experience orthopedic injuries to the lower extremities, along with back injuries.  Some orthopedic injuries specific to dancers including posterior ankle impingement syndrome or “dancer’s heel.” Identifying hypermobility as a risk factor and benefit among dancers and musicians, early identification of injuries is highly recommended.

During medical assessment and treatment for dancers, it is recommended that medical providers understand and respect the passion artists like musicians and dancers have towards their art forms.  For example, it is recommended that if at all possible, treatment providers refrain from advice that a dancer not dance.  Read more about this research exploring common orthopedic injuries among musicians and dancers.

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