Patient of the Month Miranda Der Ohanian

Meet this month’s patient in the spotlight (and newlywed) Miranda Der Ohanian!

Miranda Der Ohanian

When asked what it was like to plan a wedding during the pandemic, she said, “Planning a wedding during a pandemic meant throwing all our plans out the window. Thankfully my husband and I wanted a small wedding and our church was equipped to accommodate the number of guests for both the ceremony and reception with social distancing measures. With the help of family and friends we made all the decorations and made the main dishes for the reception. To support our local community we purchased sides from our favorite restaurants. We were thankful to have help from friends at church to serve food and keep everyone safe and healthy. In the end, we had a perfect day sharing our love before God and our family and friends.

In addition to her wedding, Miranda recently endured several foot fractures.

“Having never broken a bone before, living through 6 fractures in my foot has been a learning experience. The first few weeks I lived in a recliner. Most days were counted in hours from pain meds, ice, heat, repeat. The knee scooter was an unexpected blessing. I felt a measure of independence having it. After 8 weeks of no walking and using the scooter, I was afraid to try to put weight on my foot, but did it anyway. After another month, I started PT. Even now, walking and going up and down stairs is difficult for me. PT continues and movement is slowly returning. The worst part of recovery for me was not being able to help my family. We had just moved into a new house and instead of helping, my parents and (then) fiance now had to care for me AND unpack. I am blessed to have a loving family who helped me through this process and made our home beautiful in the process.”

Dr. Grossfeld and Angel have been instrumental in my recovery. Without their medical care and encouragement, I would not have been able to make such progress. They communicated all the possibilities to me along the way and kept me safe so I could heal properly. When it was time they allowed me to work, then add light pressure to my foot and eventually walk. They knew I was getting married and did what they could to make sure I would walk down the aisle to my husband and do so without a boot on my foot. I am eternally grateful to them for the progress I have made and that my bones have healed!”