Need to Know Facts about Platelet Rich Plasma Injections (PRP Injections)

platelet rich plasma injectionsWhat is PRP? 

PRP is short for platelet rich plasma. Platelets are a blood component made up of cytoplasm fragments that help stop bleeding by clotting injuries.

Why are platelets so awesome? 

Platelets are awesome because they contain a multitude of growth factors. By separating out the platelets from the rest of the blood cells, modern medicine allows a high contraction of patients to be injected into the area of the body that is injured. Since Platelet Rich Plasma injections are processed from the patient’s own blood there is virtually no risk of an allergic reaction or rejection.

What kind of growth factors do platelets contain?

Transforming Growth Factor

The transforming growth factor promotes angiogenesis. Angiogenesis is the process that promotes new blood vessels to form. The new blood vessels bring in other healing factors to repair the damaged area of the body. If you can imagine the injured part of a body being like a city that is in need of food to feed the people that live there. More roads need to be built so that more critical food supplies can be delivered to the city. Angiogenesis is the process of building the new roads to bring in supplies. Through angiogensis, more blood vessels grown around the damaged area of the body will allow the area to heal faster.

Platelet Derived Growth Factor

This growth factor attracts macrophages and fibroblasts which are naturally floating around in your blood  Both macrophages and fibroblasts help promote collagen growth and all ligaments, cartilage, and tendons are made up of collagen.

Collagen Stimulating Growth Factor

The collagen stimulating growth factor stimulates granulocytes and macrophage proliferation for the growth of healthy tissues and blood cells.

platelet rich plasma injections

How do Platelet Rich Plasma Injections help heal injuries?

Platelet Rich Plasma injections are generally plasma that has more platelets in it. This is achieved by increasing their concentration through centrifugation. The increased amount of platelets then results in an increased amount of growth factors, as outlined above, which promotes faster healing.

What happens the day of my Platelet Rich Plasma Injections?

  1. A healthcare provider will draw some blood from either your right or left arm . Similar to the amount that gets down for a routine blood test.
  2. The nurse will place the blood into a centrifuge which is located in the exam room. The centrifuge spins the blood at a very fast rate : about 4000 revolutions per minute. Through that spinning process the platelets are separated from the other components of the blood
  3. The PRP is then placed in a syringe and under sterile technique is injected into the area of the body being treated.

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