Skiing and Snowboarding this Winter? Consider 6 Tips to Stay Injury Free from Louisville Sports Medicine Doctor

Before you head out to the slopes to ski or snowboard this winter, take the steps that you can in advance to prevent skiing injury or snowboard-related injuries.  Here are 6 safety suggestions to consider before you go skiing or snowboarding.

  1. Make Your Fitness is Good. Skiing and snowboarding require a good physical fitness. Before you go skiing or snowboarding, make sure that you are ready for the physical effort. Fatigue can lead to injury.
  2. Start out Slowly. If you haven’t been on the slopes in a while, begin gradually, and buid up to more difficult courses based on your ability over the day.
  3. Inspect your Equipment. Make sure that your equipment is working properly and that your bindings are secured and adjusted for your weight and height.
  4. Dress for Safety. Wear a helmet, eye protective goggles and warm clothing when you are out in the snow.
  5. Get a Ski Partner. If you experience an injury when you are snowboarding or skiing, you’ll have help close by.
  6. Adjust to Altitude Changes.  If you are going to high altitudes to ski like Colorado, Montana or Utah, give yourself plenty of enough time to get used to changes in altitude before you start skiing or snowboarding.

If you’d like to read more safety information about skiing and snowboarding, follow Dr. Grossfeld’s sports injury blog.

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