ACL Injury Prevention Programs Benefit Youth Athletes – Learn about ACL Injury Prevention from Louisville Orthopedic

acl injury prevention and youth athletes

ACL Injury Prevention Programs Benefit Athletes

As noted by Dr. Carter Mitchell (2013), programs focused on preventing ACL injuries are very important given the prevalence of ACL injury among athletes of all ages including youth athletes. ACL injury prevention programs focus on a number of issues including: increasing strength, endurance, stability and balance.

After reviewing data on a number of different ACL injury prevention programs, Mitchell concluded that while there is not a “best” program for ACL injury prevention, programs focused on ACL injury reduction can be effective.

It is interesting to note that younger youth athletes (pre-adolescent) prior to neuromuscular maturity may benefit even more than older youth athletes.

Additional research should be done to continue to improve ACL injury prevention program effectiveness. Learn more about this interesting research on ACL injury prevention and youth athletes.


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