MCL Injury in College Athletes

MCL Injury is a common knee injuryThe medial collateral ligament (MCL) is a very important ligament in the knee. Situated on the inner side of the knee joint, the MCL is one of four knee ligaments. Many people suffer from an MCL injury at some point in time.

The MCL injury is a common sports injury for athletes engaged in sports like football and skiing. It often happens from impact and can occur as a result of a blow or during an intense landing.

Researchers Consider MCL Injury among College Athletes

Researchers led by Dr. Christopher Roach and colleages looked at MCL sprains among people at the U.S. Military Academy between 2005 and 2009.  Based on the analysis, approximately 128 individuals experienced an isolated MCL injury. 

Male athletes were more likely than female athletes to experience an MCL injury. Based on this analysis, the sports most commonly associated with the MCL injury included wrestling, rugby, hockey, and judo.

People experiencing an MCL sprain lost an average of 16 days from sports participation due to injury. A Grade 1 MCL injury resulted in an average of about 14 days away from sports while a more severe Grade 3 MCL injury resulted in nearly a month lost. Learn more info on this interesting sports medicine research.

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